Flat Kari in Arizona!

A Grace Full Life

The more I reblog about Flat Kari, the more jealous I am getting of that bi**. 
You will notice that in my 2021 note writing.

First published July 11, 2014

Hello friends, it has been a while since we have seen Flat Kari.
She is okay; I know you were concerned.
I got more worried emails about her than I ever have in my life.
You realize she is a piece of cardboard?
The next stop is Arizona!
My sister-in-law Kristy travels for her job, and I got to go along like a big person!
Take it away, Kristy…

Flat Kari was originally supposed to have an exotic adventure to India, but when her visa wasn’t processed in time, her trip changed to Scottsdale (yay for not having to take a 19-hour flight!) 
Flat Kari’s flights to Phoenix were on time, she was prepared for the long flights ahead. Gum?…

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9 thoughts on “Flat Kari in Arizona!”

  1. This is so fun. I DO love Arizona and if I ever get back there, I’m going to do everything that Flat Kari did….especially the morning margaritas. 🙂

    “naked, wasted” This might be my favorite phrase ever.

    I can see Flat Kari and Mr. Bill chumming it up IN the X-ray machine. Sorry, Mike.

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  2. I like how Flat Kari thought to bring more than one outfit. She must have no trouble with the dumb pay-for-your-luggage issue the rest of us face.

    Ah, AZ. No joke the day after we got back, Coach got an email thst his company is hiring a regional manager in Dallas or Phoenix. Two places I would love to live. My good friends that I used to sit for are in Dallas. And the sun is in AZ. Hard not to jump ship on Chicago, but we are staying put.

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