Flat Kari. Let’s See What That Crazy Minx Has Been Up To

A Grace Full Life

2021 note- Somewhere along the line, Flat Kari got some plastic surgery and I look much better. I don’t even mention this in the post, but I thought I should give you a head up. I can’t believe I even must say this. 

First published November 17, 2014

I know what you are thinking….. I dropped the ball.
On Flat Kari. Which would make her literally Flatter Kari? (Heh heh)

To be fair, I didn’t drop the ball.
I made a spreadsheet type list, I typed up an email to those who volunteered to take “her” for a few weeks.
I sent out the messages, stayed on top of people to get “her” to the next destination, I did maneuvering.

I have children and a home and a part-time job and a husband.

 But then I got lazy.
My hosts would share…

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12 thoughts on “Flat Kari. Let’s See What That Crazy Minx Has Been Up To”

  1. Flat Kari really ‘GOT AROUND’ if you know what I mean.
    I love all the wardrobe changes, but I draw the line at sleeping in a sock.

    Cracker Barrel. I have a close friend who LOVES that place so much. She and her husband go there on date nights and it really cracks me up. I mean, aren’t you supposed to go there for breakfast on Sunday morning after church or after a late night out if you’re a heathen?

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  2. I love the wardrobe changes. That jean jacket is hilarious. So many adventures. I hope real Kari gets to visit some of these places. Cracker Barrel? Hmm. We tend to only eat there when traveling. Cannot say I would seek one out unless it is located next to my hotel.

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  3. Zoot! I left a comment…. on the original post. I was even trying to not do that! Ha! Hope u still get it. If you don’t, I swear it was, like, super incredible and full of srsly profound, way deep, insightful stuff.
    *puts head down on desk*
    I just cannot sync with this 2021. When will it be 2022?

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    1. It went through!!

      I am not really syncing with 2021 either. Everyone is so excited to get back to “normal” and I’m like…”you do remember what people are like, right?” 😂

      I kid…
      Only a little….


      1. Yay it went thru!

        “Normal”. Riiiiiight. Dude they literally just shut down a couple schools in my area.
        Friday News: End in sight! Celebrate good times c’mon!
        Sunday news: Massive outbreaks. In person classes canceled. Stay home unless you’re out of food, bleeding or on fire (aka Mom’s Rules For Calling Her At Work).

        I am Cameron staring at the Seurat painting. I am Steve Martin roller skating in a museum. I am living in 2021 where it will always be 2020-ish.

        In good news, I just found some really pretty, comfy masks. I’m stoked about wearing my new pretty PPE. The color brings out my eyes even. 😀

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      2. I love that you just called yourself a character from Ferris Bueller. I am also that character. 😆

        I am really good with wearing masks for so many reasons. I will discuss this on an upcoming podcast. 😂


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