Writing Challenge #8- The Night of My 21st Birthday

A Grace Full Life

I felt this was an appropriate re-blog this week. 

First published April 19th, 2016

So I totally blew the writing challenges this month.
Oh, come on, you knew I would, and I knew it too.
It was too much pressure.
All of those writing challenges were not getting done, plus once I read through some of them and wrote them?
Holy balls, they were quite boring and very negative.
You wouldn’t have liked that side of me.
But I stuck to a couple of writing challenges because I felt I should document them.
One of which is the night of my 21st birthday.

My 21st birthday “celebration” will be one of those stories that I hope my grandkids will tell their children, and so on.
Stories that will make them realize how incredibly socially awkward their grandma was and how they are very lucky to be alive because the gene…

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12 thoughts on “Writing Challenge #8- The Night of My 21st Birthday”

  1. I am in awe that you remember your 21st birthday. Apparently you were sober? That was a thing? If I’d had any DQ on mine I wouldn’t remember it. Of course I was living in a party dorm at that age, so I don’t remember a lot of what happened that year.

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  2. Your hair! It is MAGNIFICENT!

    I think u r being too hard on 21Kari. She could make crossing the border into WIsconsin FUN! I think she sounds cool.
    But Peg? Your brother. Peg. Really? I’m thinking maybe Peg had anxiety too. Let’s hope she’s better now.

    I worked retail and colleged at the same time. I had basically no life. Retail eats your soul. Everyone I knew who did this (or FT retail)…. no life. And my age 21 hair was v straight, v flat (the style of that era) so this rule holds true across time. Retail Eats Your Soul. Plus social anxiety is a b– bad word.

    Love what you wrote about your kids. So sweet and wise. You r a good mom. I hope they buy you a horse farm some day.

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    1. Why thank you! My hair was a sight to be seen. I miss it.

      I think I am being a tad hard on myself too. I was quite fun in my own right. I worked retail too! I actually did end up in college when I was 24. I went to community college at night and kept working retail during the day. I finally graduated by the time I was 37. It took longer than “normal” but I am glad I did it.

      Retail does eat your soul. I became really ugly on the inside for many years because of many reasons. I think my social anxiety is in part due to my 14 years in retail. The mental abuse our managers had us take from the customers was truly insane. When a company shows more respect for people that buy products from you than the people who come to work for you daily, it’s a mind f**k.

      I would love a horse farm for Ella to run and for all of my family members and friends to live on if they choose! How fun would that be? Like a happiness commune. 🙂


  3. DQ is better than anything. Dessert with parents is a memory to cherish. Just think you avoided the hangover.

    This reminds me of Coach and I trying to hang with a friend of mine from college for New Years Eve when we were young and dating. She got a better invite at the last minute, so it was just the two of us hanging out in a hot dog joint in the city. Sometimes friends suck.

    Your hair is impressive. My 80s hair was no good for the 80s or any other decade. Sadly.

    I was in Europe when I turned 21. With my brother. It was Christmas break during our year abroad in Ireland. My actual bday was lame but I had celebrated sufficiently with friends before we left Ireland.


  4. STELLAR hair! I am sitting here with hair envy.
    We were the opposite. I did work all through high school and thereafter (beauty school, not real college) but I was going out at 16. I know. I was a bad, bad girl. So by the time I turned 21, it was no big deal to be legal since I’d been breaking the law for years.
    YOUR MOM & DAD ARE SO LUCKY. Also, they were probably stellar parents. Remember, I was raised by wolves.
    Peg is an asshat. But hopefully, she has grown up since then and regrets ditching you on your birthday.

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    1. Actually, I should have mentioned that. I began drinking at 17! So you’re right! It wasn’t a big deal at 21…when you grow up in the country, there is nothing to do BUT drink. So…

      They were. ❤️

      Peg was an asshat. Funny story…Mike and I were at Target last night and this really nice guy pulled us out of a long line to check us out. As we walked away, I whispered to him, “I was a bridesmaid in his wedding”. Mike looked at me with huge eyes. When we got out of the store he asked whose wedding.


      They got divorced a year or two after. Talk about a full circle day. 😂

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