Love It or Hate It

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I actually re-blogged this post because of a Quora thread I found about cannoli.

You’re wondering what on Earth ever brought you to my blog in the first place?

I get that a lot. 

First published on May 29, 2018

There are things in life with a middle ground like potato chips, brownies, the pool. You might not love those things, but if you don’t, you can usually power through.

Then there are others that you either love or hate, there is no middle ground, you’re a fan or a hater.

Because I have nothing else better to do, here is a list I created of things you either love or hate.

Walt Disney Castle

1- Disney

I don’t like Disney World. OMG, I FEEL SO UNBURDENED AFTER HAVING ADMITTED THAT. I don’t understand the attraction, but I know I am very alone if my social media feeds are any sign. I also…

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15 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It”

  1. Let’s see… I love onions, I love vanilla ice cream, I am indifferent to Disney. I know you assert it’s a love or hate situation, but I shrug about it. Have been to Walt Disney World a few times, liked it, but don’t want to go back. Always an outlier, that is I.

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    1. I do agree with you that there are shrug situations. As I mentioned in one of the 2021 notes, I was a hasty generalization, broad generalization person back then. My opinions and writing have changed a lot over the years, I am happy to report. But I felt like this was a post that would start a conversation and bring diversion to the regular crap-show our world usually gives us. 🙂

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  2. I think you are right about this list – people either love or hate. I think you could add Notre Dame to the list. In my experience, people either love or hate. My family are ND fans to the extreme, which makes me sort of a hater – not like an official hater, more like I’M SICK OF IT ALREADY. WHO CARES IF THEY WIN OR LOSE?

    I love Disney, but I am also good at doing Disney on a discount. Brining my own food is my ticket to feeling less ripped off. Love, love, love it.

    I hate coffee. I should love it because of the kids and the sleepless nights, but I hate it.

    I hate beer too, which I did adapt my taste buds for while in college, because it seemed somewhat necessary. I’m grateful that celiac has a no beer thing, but welcomes wine and Mike’s Hard Lemonades specifically. Phew.

    I hate seafood and sushi. Probably sushi more. Still. Gross.

    Cannolis? Um, I had very little experience with these back before I was diagnosed with celiac so I can’t really comment. If I’m going to have dessert though, this wouldn’t be it.

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    1. OOH YES! Notre Dame. Man, that is a good one. Although, that would probably not resonate outside of the Midwest or outside of a sports family? My husband is a “hate Notre Dame” person because he is a Michigan fan. We went to visit the Notre Dame campus once on our way home from visiting family in Ohio and he wouldn’t even walk by the gates to look at the football field. It was pretty funny to watch.

      You should write a Disney on a Discount post. Although, I am sure there are lots of those posts out there.

      I feel like no one is reading the reason I shared this reblog, to begin with. THE ITALIAN GUY ON HIS TERRACE IN HIS UNDERWEAR? I mean, come on? That is hilarious. No?


  3. I only like Disney because it was ONE place we went to when I was a kid and it brings back memories of not being an adult. (ironically, the other place we frequented was the GA mountains. Full circle? )
    MAN LEGGINGS. Damn it. YOU missed the boat on this one.
    I dated a guy that loved Rush and I was ‘all, I don’t get it, sounds like noise to me”. I still feel the same.
    We are the same when it comes to vanilla ice cream; it’s just the vehicle for good shit.
    We took my MIL and FIL on a cruise with the girls for MIL’s 60th bday. We even splurged for a nicer/fancier cruise, but never again. It feels like a moving prison.
    YES TO SEAFOOD. NO TO SUSHI. Or as I like to call it: Shush; I’m not eating that.
    I need my coffee and we put onions on every.damn.thing.

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    1. You nailed it on the head with Disney. Now I understand it. Thank you for saying that. It makes complete sense to me. I might address that in the podcast this week.

      I totally missed the boat with man leggings, although the visual …

      Yeah, Rush had a vibe. I mean, I do love a good Rush song here and there but it isn’t something you can listen to on the regular.

      Vanilla ice cream- “the vehicle for good shit”. You should write slogans.

      Cruises- “a moving prison”. Again, you missed your calling.

      I feel like you and I were separated at birth.

      (Looks both ways)…were we??

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  4. Cruises are the worst. My fam took me on one when I was little. I loved everything about the trip except the actual, you know, cruise.

    I have mixed feelings towards Disney. I mean, Louis Prima is the shit. The Beauty & the Beast song with Maurice Chevalier and Angela Landsbury also the shit. I remember those songs fondly from kidhood. But that corp is bad news. Not fond of the smart alec know it all kid trope they popularized/perpetuated. The princess thing is also…. not good. I guess I like the actual talent (Louis Prima, clever songs, the olde hand drawn art of Sleeping Beauty) but the bulk of it now? Um. Boring. Annoying. Tired. Pass.

    Also not a theme park person. Rides are….. eh. I’d rather be on a horse – just as dangerous & fun. Real towns have neat buildings, parks, gardens, shopping, dining, etc. Why not visit something real? Just occurred to me. Cruises are sorta moving theme parks, eh?

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  5. Must be my upbringing because I am indifferent to much of the list. In our parents’ house you were not allowed to use the “h” word. You could “immensely dislike” something (that’s a dad quote) but the h word was just not allowed. As a result, while there are some items that are liked more than others, say Rush (really like) versus cannoli (not so much), for most I really am just indifferent. Does that make me weird? 😹

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    1. I feel like hate isn’t a bad word necessarily. As long as it isn’t used towards another human. 🙂

      That doesn’t make you weird at all! It makes us humans. It’s why I like writing these posts; the conversations are always interesting.


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