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Trying to Let Go of 2020

I am noticing an ugly trend three months into 2021- anger.

And not the productive kind of anger. (Yes, there is productive anger)

I hate to be the one to say this, but I had a feeling this was coming. Between being locked inside for a year, having so many people at odds on hot topics ranging from politics to religion, social media 24/7, and the media repeating all of this, is a recipe for disaster.

Everyone is tired, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Even your pets hate you.

Short-fur Black, Orange, and Gray Cat

They do. I mean, come on. It’s been a year of you filming TikTok’s in your pajamas every day with hashtags like #pets and #wedontdeservethem.

No, we don’t.

Deserve them.

“Returning to normal” is not the solution. I know everyone thinks it is, but it is not.

By the way, “normal” will never be normal again. Say that to yourself right now. Make it a mantra so you don’t rear-end a sweet old lady in the nail salon parking lot.

But we need a much better solution than “getting back to normal”.

I came across that poem last week and it made me smile; I thought it might make you smile as well.

I haven’t felt like doing much more than the bare minimum.

I am not eager to get back in public. Even though I have been going out more often to doctor’s appointments, weekly social distance coffee dates with my friend, and safe visits with my parents. But that’s because I like all the above and I don’t mind doing all of those things.

I don’t think I’ll ever visit a physical grocery store unless I forget something. I enjoy ordering my groceries online and then picking them up. It’s free, there are no hidden fees, and I never forget anything on my list. Oh, and I’m not required to “people”.

I discovered this treasure last month.

I was going to save it for my birthday month tater tot post, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I felt like maybe someone needed it and I felt selfish saving it.

I prefer the bar version since you get to hear the crowd. But if you’ve never heard the song, I attached the lyric video.

Ella and I have been using this on hard days when we are unable to concentrate on homeschool, which seems to be most days lately. We have a lovely tradition where we go through the Starbucks drive-thru, get our favorite drinks, then drive around and scream sing this new find at the tops of our lungs. Only we use the names of those we don’t like. Don’t judge me for allowing my 13-year-old daughter to use profanity.

Finding this song from 2012, a nine-year-old song, was a gift from the Universe.

By the way, can we please talk about how ridiculous to expect children to learn after the year we’ve thrown at them? Or are we not discussing that?

I’ve been working on my book a lot more lately.

I’m attempting to eat low carb.

I am trying to exercise.

I received my first vaccine on Thursday.

One foot in front of the other.

Person Writing Illustration in Spiral Notebook

Here are some links you might like.

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Birthday month begins on Thursday, which will add much-needed wind to my sails. This week on the podcast, I’ll talk about menopause (and read an excerpt of my book), and my tater tot post next week will be full of interesting finds.

I am doing well, I promise. I am simply trying to let go of 2020.

How are you doing?

24 thoughts on “Trying to Let Go of 2020”

  1. Cute song, Kari. I’ve never heard of it. Yeah, I think people are JUST. FED. UP. And for a lot, that translates into anger.
    I’ve been playing this mental game with myself called “what will the world look like when everyone is vaccinated?”. So far, I am thinking that the animal shelters will be packed full of pets bought during quarantine, and the buy ‘n sell sites will be flooded with RVs, camping gear, kayaks, and paddle boards.


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  2. Not much of our life left what felt like normal last year other than not traveling and going to museums and such but we’ve already started doing most of that again. Wearing a mask still feels weird and not really normal as we hardly went anywhere (indoors) where masks were required so that is taking some getting used to the more we venture out but it’s a small price to pay for getting to leave our house and meet up with friends again!

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  3. That song is hilarious. I just recently told a longtime friend that she was tough to be friends with because she is so judgmental. Man, did that feel good. That’s how I try to handle my anger – tell people when they’ve upset me. Still working on that with my fam. Layers.

    Hooray for your first shot. I get my 2nd shot on Saturday. Hooray. I do think things are going to start to look a lot more normal with people getting vaccinated. I certainly hope so. I wish I was organized to grocery shop online, but alas – I am an ‘OH YEAH, WE NEED THAT’ kind of shopper.

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  4. I’m doing well, thanks for asking. I do not watch the news and most of my social media is blog reading and my reading list (bloggers) is always bringing some positivity to my day.
    I’ve never heard that song—thanks for sharing it.
    I’m happy that you are working on your book, exercising, and focusing on the good stuff.
    I refuse to believe that my animals are sick of me.
    THEY ADORE ME, she says as she smothers Lillie with kisses.

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  5. You’re so right. The anger right now is frightening & crushing. My hope is that things will get better. Also my prayer. Thx goodness for places like your blog where kindness and hope and gratitude and lovely poems & songs counter the darkness in the world.

    Birthday Month! I say this too (sorta) bc my bday falls during a v Festive Month. I love sharing my bday month with a month when so many are happy, full of anticipation, celebrating, remembering friends & fam & the actual important things in life. April would be a a *great* Birthday Month. Nature waking. Spring blooms. Birds singing. Bees buzzing (omg have u ever sat beneath a tree in bloom on a warm, sunny April day with the canopy flowers full of busy honeybees? Like a warm hug from Mama Nature.) The whole world putting on a show of beauty and renewal during your bday. Happy Bday Month!

    French Kitty & my other cat (who is like, my Wise Old Soul Kitty – WOSK?) love pandemic lockdown. Best ever invention after Kong Carrot toy. French Kitty has stepped up & now provides Break Time chat content & she is my husband‘s Exercise Buddy. Who needs people? WOSK makes sure we go to bed on time and covers other essentials, like warning me when I’m about to get a migraine.

    Pets and plants and good blogs and good songs and we will get thru this I promise.

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    1. Your comments feed my weary soul. And it is weary.
      Thank you so much.

      April is a really good birthday month. I am so glad I decided to arrive in April. I was supposed to arrive in May. Although, May is good too. I am enjoying all that spring is bringing to us although, if I am being honest, I enjoyed it more last year. I commented on someone else’s blog that we were so worried this time last year. But being inside so much made me get outside even more and I appreciated the outside even more.

      My goal in birthday month is to live with a pandemic mentality even though we are slowly opening up more. Seeing the world like we did last year. Appreciating the small things. 🙂


  6. I have my good days and I have my bad days. Today is a bad day (lots of anxiety). I know it will pass, so I don’t dwell on it. I’m practicing more positive affirmations which sometimes helps. What else…I’ve gone out to restaurants a few times with my hubby or my mom and aunt, had a few coffee dates with a friend in my Covid bubble. I’ve also been art journaling. Just ordered some new pretty washi tapes online. I text and talk with Tim several times during the week. These small things help keep what’s left of my sanity.

    Went to Kohls today for the first time in a long time. Needed a couple of new bras. I truly need some new clothes too but just not in the mood to shop. I glanced in a mirror as I passed by one in Kohls and realized I looked sloppy and frumpy. Which made my anxiety worse.

    I have never ordered groceries online; I do it all in person. I’m too picky about produce to let someone else pick it out for me. 😉 And I also do the majority of my shopping at Woodmans, but I don’t buy their meat. So I have to go to TJ’s or Aldi anyway to get organic chicken, etc. Sometimes I don’t get my walking in for the day, so like on days like today when I had to go to Aldi and Kohls, I parked at the end of the lot so I had to walk further. And then walked around inside the stores – just to get some steps in. That way I don’t feel like a total lazy ass, which I feel I’ve been this past week.

    Now on to listen to your music and check out your links. Love and miss you!

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    1. I’ve been practicing more mindfulness, living in the moment more and that helps my anxiety too. Living day-to-day was something we learned to do in the pandemic; that is something I will take with me into this “new” world.

      I understand being picky about groceries. I have been really lucky with ours. But I like how you are making it about getting in exercise. That is a good attitude.

      I just looked at myself today in a long mirror and didn’t love what I saw looking back at me. But I am giving myself grace for what I went through this past year. I am happy I am still here. You give yourself that too. You went through hell and made it back. Give inner Melanie a huge hug. I love and miss you too.

      We are getting closer and closer to our coffee dates. 🙂


  7. I think you are right – the “normal” will be different in many aspects but I’m in no rush to go back to some of the old ways.

    I’m thinking online shopping (ADORE!) and curbside delivery will be my go to for a long, long time..

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  8. I’m with you about not feeling like doing much of anything. I think it’s healthy to do less, allow yourself the grace to just be. We’ve all been through a year of angst. I figure it’s better to slowly allow the uncertainty of this last year to refine me, rather than staying stuck in an out-of-date persona.

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  9. So much of last year was so hard–the layers of trauma we were all buried under–that I’m mostly just feeling grateful now. I’m grateful to have a competent President. I’m grateful for the vaccine. I’m grateful that we’re in a season when the natural world is likely to be mostly OK and not wallop us with any disasters. I’m grateful for songs like this one (SO grateful! I loved it!) and for connections with like-minded folks and that I finally got to see my parents again.

    I’m grateful that we all got to see that there are a lot of things we can choose and NOT choose. I’m grateful for the things I learned about what I really do and don’t need. I’m grateful for the gifts I have that will let me make some different choices for my life going forward.

    All this gratitude doesn’t mean I have no struggle. Just read something in a book I’m reading on chronic illness that said something about how we can be simultaneously grateful and sad. I think, in some ways, our country (the world?) is chronically ill. We’ve got conditions we’re never going to cure or recover from. (Like, that there will always be assholes.) But like chronically ill people, we can figure out better ways to live and we can live good lives. I’m grateful even for this shift in thinking about who and what we are; I feel more grounded in reality than I ever have, and also more calm. Denial and gaslighting do such a number on us.

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    1. YES. Picture me standing on a cliff yelling that into a canyon and the yes echos. YES TO ALL THE YESSES. That is such a great way to sum up how I feel.

      Denial and gaslighting. Something Americans are very good at doing. I am reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. A book I wanted not to like…long story. But she has an analogy in there about people who are on the Titanic dancing and those who point out the iceberg and it fits so well to the two types of people who are at odds in our country now.

      I botched that completely as I do but it’s good.


  10. I feel you, and honestly I don’t know how I’m doing. I didn’t realize how much travel was giving me while I was doing it. We don’t know we are in the good old days when we are in them, right? Being home, being homebound, has been challenging more days than it hasn’t been. And a year later it is hitting harder. I’m glad you are ok, and I think you are right, we’ll never get back to normal. But we do need to let go and make peace.

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    1. I have good days and not good days. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you. You traveled so much before and this has to feel suffocating. Sending you hugs. It feels like we’re making this up as we go along. Are we?


  11. I thought I wrote a comment, but I must have started one and gotten distracted before I finished which sounds pretty much par but that means I get to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!

    I’m glad you shared that song. It gave me a smile. Sara Bareilles is a favorite.

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