Beer Breath, Cat Smell and Big Hair- What Makes Me, Me

A Grace Full Life

I love “about me” posts. I thought this would be a fun share on the first Friday of birthday month. 

First published May 6, 2013

– I have been using the same hair pick to comb out my wet hair after getting out of the shower since high school.
2021 note- Still using it.

– I love Monty Python and The Holy Grail, thanks to my brother introducing it to me. My husband doesn’t get it their humor but I love it.

-The smell of beer on my husband’s breath gets me in the mood. Have I said too much?

– I can smell cats in a house as soon as I walk in. Even if you NEVER had a cat, but maybe the previous owner did? I can smell them. Realtors should hire me. I am like a savant in uncovering cat smell.

2021 note- why would there…

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10 thoughts on “Beer Breath, Cat Smell and Big Hair- What Makes Me, Me”

  1. About that high school English teacher… I had a similar experience in college journalism class when I was told I wrote very well, then got a C- in the class. Taught me a lot about how ridiculous some teachers could be. Perhaps don’t take them too seriously?

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  2. This is a fun post. What ever happened to Jennifer from Family Ties? I do see the resemblance. People with true 80s hair are easy to confuse though- don’t you think? I can see how your daughter would resemble Dakota Fanning. So cute. I, too, LOVE a foot massage, but I’m OK with other people’s feet. My name was almost Bernadette. I think your folks chose well. You are more of a Kari. So glad that all that smoking is paying off for you. I love Monty Python and the Holy Frail. We tried watching it with our kids during the pandemic and they were like HUH? My 8th grade teacher recommended me for honors English in high school. The hs teacher disliked me and moved me down. She taught me again as a senior. She had taught my sister and LOVED her writing. My sis helped me a lot with my final paper and claimed it was worthy of an A. I got a D.

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    1. She’s got black hair now! She left acting and is a stay at home mom. ❤️

      Omg, that’s so funny about your name. Mike and I were just watching a show on Netflix & they said the name Bernadette and he said, “that’s a name you don’t hear often”. 😂

      First time my smoking has given me an advantage. I planned it that way, don’tcha know.

      Our teachers didn’t appreciate us! We were just ahead of our time, that’s all. 😉


  3. Please tell me the three French words u still know are: “Fetchez la vache!” 🙂

    Yay Monty Python Holy Grail! My bestie & I watched Holy Grail *so* many times in HS. My little set of HS friends… we could quote entire sections. And when we did at, like, not-High-School – at a show/concert or vaca or wherever it would lead to instant friendships with complete strangers.

    I love that movies, tv shows, music can do that. Makes the world seem smaller & more friendly.
    Princess Bride was another oft quoted, everyone loved it movie for my gen. I wonder what those things are for this generation?

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    1. So I know more than three words! 😉
      That movie makes me laugh so hard and my husband just shakes his head at me.
      I love your story, Maddie! I feel like we would’ve been friends in high school.

      I wonder too. I think I need to watch Princess Bride.


  4. Monty Python for the win. “”tis but a scratch” and “I’ll bite your legs off” can be heard at least weekly in our house now after sharing it with the kids for a family movie night.

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  5. Monty Python is not for everyone.
    You could be a cat tracker. Surely there is a calling for that and someone will pay you billions.
    My youngest looked like Dakota Fanning when she was 12-14 and people stopped us all the time to say so. 🙂
    Ketchup on cottage cheese.
    I’m trying to process that.
    So funny about the Tina Yothers thing.
    I smoked for a while. Why were we so dumb?
    This was SO fun! I love posts like this.

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