A Letter To My Mom

A Grace Full Life

I first published this post in 2011, but I added more to the bottom of the post this year.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers of human and non-human beings out there. Ifyou’ve raised up other people (or animals), whether or not they’ve come from your loins is beside the point.
You ARE a mother.

First published May 6, 2011

Dear Mom,

I love that you are the most fun person I know.


I love doing random things with you. Like seeing if we can eat two Big Macs in one sitting on a dare or staying up until two in the morning playing Skip-Bo, or drinking Ballatore on the deck in the dark.


Thank you for indulging me with all of my many worried phone calls during my first pregnancy.



What’s a mucus plug??

It’s fine! You probably won’t have one.



You mean…

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12 thoughts on “A Letter To My Mom”

  1. This is such a sweet tribute to your spectacular Mom. It’s very touching and your photos show genuine love.
    Happy Mother’s day to both of you. XO

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