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Unpopular Opinions

I wasn’t “popular” in the traditional sense in high school. However, according to Merriam Webster’s definition of the word, I was popular. I suppose it is how you look at a situation, or in this case, a definition.

Tell that to a 15-year-old who suffers from undiagnosed anxiety. 

Having an unpopular opinion in recent years has undoubtedly resulted in some heated debates.

I like Urban Dictionary’s definition of an unpopular opinion:

However, there are unpopular opinions that can start heated debates, and there are unpopular opinions that can bridge gaps; make you feel less alone, start great conversations, and help you learn more about other people.

One evening, I came across this quiz: How Many Of My Unpopular Opinions Do You Actually Agree With?

I took it and discovered that I was in the company of some people I had never met before.

For those who don’t care for links, here are examples of my unpopular opinions: 

I don’t use a top sheet as a part of my bedding. 

Even in the dead of winter, I prefer iced coffee to hot coffee. 

The old lady in Titanic ruins the movie for me. Rose would have been a lot more feisty, in my opinion.  

*I have no intention of alienating anyone who enjoys the following. We are all unique in our own ways. These experiences don’t appeal to me, but if they appeal to you, I’d love to hear why. 

I’m also not drawn to the same things as the majority of people. As an example,

Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Perfect Topping for Easter Treats, 26.5 Oz (Pack of 1)

I don’t like Nutella.


People Wearing Spider-man Adult Costume Walking on Train Station

I am perplexed why there are so many blockbuster multi-million dollar movies dedicated to superheroes year after year.

Christian Blogger Glennon Doyle Melton and Abby Wombach - Glennon Doyle Melton Profile

I don’t trust Glennon Doyle.

Red Theater Chair Lot Near White Concrete Pillars

I don’t enjoy going to the movies.

Or are these things appealing to the majority of people? Perhaps it is marketed in this manner. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. I’d also love to hear all about your favorite things, whether they’re “unpopular” or “popular.”

In the meantime, here is a good article to read: How to Handle Having an Unpopular Opinion »

50 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions”

  1. Your lack of top sheet is very European, I think. My Dutch family is the same. The cover of the duvet IS the top sheet, in their opinion. Timesaving and practical, and less wash if you ask me. I also don’t like Nutella and I don’t stan Glennon Doyle, as the young ‘uns say.


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  2. I grew up reading superheroes in the comics, I have no problem with that. As a movie buff I used to enjoy going to the movies, but I hate it now…because of all the rude people on their phones as opposed to watching the movie

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      1. Yeah, well I am a lifelong Marvel Fan. I rarely miss any of those films, but now that we have disney plus, I will just wait till they show up there. I just cant stand people on their phones Facebooking instead of watching the movie, movies are expensive these day..duch inconsiderate fools. I just like the the ambiance of the big screen. Kinda wish I was rich enough to have my own home theatet

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  3. My boys all refuse to use a top sheet on their beds too and my middle son just loves nutella. I don’t mind nutella but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I couldn’t eat it again. I like the idea of going to the movies as a date night out but in all honest I don’t really enjoy the actual act of sitting in the theater to see a show; my seats are comfier at home and I can pause the movie so I can go to the bathroom.

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    1. I see Nutella on breakfast menus occasionally. I wonder if I should try it so I won’t have to invest in a container. 😂

      Yes! The bathroom break is a huge reason, especially as I get older.


      1. I had it years ago with some friends and wasn’t impressed either! But I know some who love it. I’ve often thought maybe I’m eating it with the wrong combination?


      2. I like Ferraro Rocher candy, which is basically the same thing. And Baci’s, which are even better (and include love notes). Nutella is just “meh” to me.

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      1. The most recent is strongly based on her life but lost me in the fantasy areas. But I’m alone in that.

        The older books are quick reads. I enjoyed them as stories I hadn’t seen before. Plus I enjoy her writing style… chapters are written from the perspective of the various lead characters.

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      2. LOL. You prob weren’t part of our neighborhood of former Voxers. She went by Redzilla till the Godzilla people sent her a cease & desist notice. Then she became Redscilla. After her most recent novel, Bryn left wp and started an author blog somewhere.

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  4. My unpopular dislike: coffee. Eww. Not iced, not with green eggs. Not at all. I’m weird, I know. I have never heard of Glennon Doyle. I’ve never tried Nutella. I died at the Rose mention. I haven’t seen that movie since it first came out, but I think you raise a good point. She doesn’t add to the movie. I don’t mind going to the movies, but it doesn’t happen often. Hello PRICEY. Besides, so much easier to fall asleep on my couch. Oh my gosh, I’m totally on the same page with the super hero movies. Overdone. What is the deal? I swear there is one Spiderman movie that I’ve never seen all the way through, but I’ve walked into the room as my kids are watching it at the exact same scene at least 6 times. Torture. Gonna toss my own unpopular opinion: grade school birthday parties suck. We’ve graduated from the never-ending invite circuit, but why oh why would anyone host something and invite my kid if our kids aren’t really tight? That always drove me crazy. Oh, and I can’t stand White Claws. Those seem like an epidemic, so I feel like that’s unpopular.

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    1. Until I was 45 years old, I was you with coffee. I liked the smell of it brewing, but not the taste.
      I can’t imagine you taking your children to the movies when they were young. It’s expensive for a family of four!
      I completely agree with you on the birthday parties and White Claws. Although, I did see that Mike’s Hard Lemonade has a seltzer. Have you tried that yet?


      1. No, I haven’t tried the Mike’s Hard Seltzer. Look at them jumping on the band wagon. I’m disappointed in them – although as a business major, I see their vision. Still, me no like seltzer.
        We have a couple of theaters around us that show discounted movies – like older, smaller theaters. We supported those theaters when we bothered to go, but movies were usually just enjoyed in our home.

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  5. Glenn on Doyle…I was just saying the other day that there are things she says that are brilliant, but things she says…..argh…when I read Untamed all I thought was the Phrase “she who doth protest too much”. But anyway…good post

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      1. I totally get it. I had real problems with much of untamed…very mixed feelings….I guess she doesn’t always appear genuine to me, if that makes sense

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  6. I don’t trust Glennon Doyle. Ditto. I don’t enjoy going to the movies. Ditto. I do like Nutella, but not enough to buy it more than once a year.

    My unpopular opinion is: reading a book on a Kindle is awful. 🤨

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    1. I’m not sure why I get excited when you and I are so similar, but I do. Something about being in good company, I suppose. 🙂

      I, too, dislike reading a book on Kindle. That’s why I haven’t owned one in years.

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  7. No top sheet? So, do you use nothing to cover yourself or you use a comforter/quilt? I feel like the top sheet keeps me cool because I’m a hot sleeper. Not to say, I’m a hawt sleeper. You know.
    Linds fell in love with Nutella in high school, proceeded to eat it every day for months and we had to rename it BUTELLA. She gained weight. I don’t care for it either. Who the hell is Glennon? I don’t do superhero movies either and haven’t been to the theater in forever; covid notwithstanding.
    I don’t get the whole Starbucks thing.
    I’m not fascinated with movie stars.
    I don’t need the latest gadgets/tech stuff.
    The Royals? Why are people obsessed with their lives?

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    1. I should have clarified that I sleep with a comforter and a blanket on top of me. I just didn’t see the point of a flat sheet. But I can see why you’d need one, especially since you live in Florida, you hawt sleeper you. 😉

      Who the hell is Glennon? shall be the title of my next book. I’ll send you a percentage of the profits.

      Now that I can make my own chai latte, I don’t see the need for Starbucks.

      I am also not fascinated with movie stars.

      I don’t need the latest gadgets either.

      Are you certain we’re not the same person??

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  8. I don’t like Nutella either. Nor Glennon Doyle. I did like her when she first “appeared on the scene” with her book, Carry On, Warrior. Thought the book was fantastic. After that, she fizzled for me. Same with Oprah for me. Don’t care for her anymore. (There you go – my unpopular opinion!)

    When it comes to bedding, I’m a layers person. We have a top sheet, then a light woven cotton blanket, then a heavier cotton bedspread. In the winter, we use all three on top of us. Now in the warmer months, we use just the top sheet and light cotton blanket when we’re sleeping. Sometimes in the summer when it is super hot and humid, I just use the top sheet because it’s so light and cool. Easy enough to just fold down the cotton blanket if it’s too hot.

    I think my son just uses a comforter year-round – no top sheet, no blanket. I don’t know how he sleeps like that in the warmer months though! I’d be sweating my buns off.

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    1. Your dislike for Oprah is the perfect example of an unpopular opinion! Thank you! However, I believe you’re not alone in that opinion. I was wondering if a lot of people secretly disliked Glennon Doyle as well.

      It’s fun to hear how people sleep. In terms of sound, as well. I have to sleep with a loud box fan on. But some people can sleep in complete silence. I love the diversity in human beings. Pretty cool.


  9. I guess, for me, likes and dislikes are different from opinions. I think of opinions as being debatable beliefs about the world: There should be more Nutella, for example, or Glennon Doyle isn’t as relatable as she once was.

    I really miss going to the movies and sitting in coffee shops (though I don’t drink coffee). I’ve decided that while I am an introvert and don’t really want to interact with other humans a whole lot, I like to be around other humans more than I knew. Movies let me feel as if I’ve had a shared experience, without having to actually share, if that makes sense.


    1. I suppose you’re right. Although you can have an opinion about a like or dislike?

      I never truly liked going to the movies but I believe it’s because of my anxiety. I don’t like to be in dark spaces with a lot of people. I also don’t like having to interrupt others when having to get up to go to the bathroom.

      I love going to coffee houses though. Intimate settings make me happy. The smells and sounds. One of the last public places I was in was a coffee house. I’m so happy to be in them again.

      I love reading your take on these “opinions.” It will make me look at them in a different perspective.


  10. I haven’t had Nutella since I was a kid but back then, the only good Nutella was from France (diff ingredients for zee French palate *kisses fingers*). The US version was hideous (*to me). I’m guessing it still is & so Nutella joins the list of Things That Were Perfect in My Childhood But Now Suck (see also Icy Weather, Soda/Pop, going to the movies….).

    I have no idea who Glenny gal is – am enjoying comments immensely.

    I used to like comic book movies (like the *old* Hell Boy movies by the guy who did Pan’s Labyrinth) but most of the current crop…. *zzzzz*. I’m not target audience for Marvel so my state of Underwhelmed doesn’t surprise. I did like Logan which is technically (???) a comic book movie. Always look for the bright side of life, I suppose. 🙂

    Speaking of bright sides – I owe u so many comments, one of which is “I know that song!” Years ago (like maybe 3 weeks?) in yr blog u had a very clever name for yr houseplant (diff than Bob Ross). Thank u for the laugh and the song that sparked the plant name. I can’t find the original post but I think it was a nod to Pumpkins’ Cherub Rock, yes? Have been singing that ever since. Love!

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    1. Why do Americans mess everything up? Now I need to somehow get my hands on European Nutella and try THAT.

      You’re truly not missing out. I feel horrible saying this. I’m all about the Universe and being kind and here I am saying these things about another writer. It’s not a jealousy-induced opinion and that’s important for me to say. Because then it becomes more about me being vindictive. I’ve never had a bad encounter with her. I just don’t get a good vibe. That’s all. And that is an unpopular opinion, because I used to think the majority of people (women, mostly) would beg to differ. My comment section not included. 😂

      Yes! Cherub Rick! It was in my April Tater Tot post! Thankfully, Rick is doing wonderfully! I added my plant ID tags last week and it has helped immensely in my plant care. But a moment of silence for Bob Ross, human AND plant. Sigh. I’m still reeling from the losses.

      Every time Cherub Rock comes on, I think of my Princess Pine that I bought at Billy Corgan’s coffee house and it makes me smile. Maybe I should play it for Rick. Think I will now. ❤️💜🌈


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