Podcast #16- Toxic On the Inside/ Meditation that Anyone Can Do/ My Library Book “Problem”

I understand that not everyone enjoys podcasts or has a Spotify account. So I’ve decided to create these posts so that you may listen or not and still participate, because I enjoy interacting with each and every one of you, but I don’t want you to feel excluded, nor do I want you to feel obligated to leave a comment out of pity.

I will share a few tidbits about what’s being discussed without giving too much away. That way, those who aren’t interested in listening to a podcast can engage in discussion in the comments. But those who enjoy listening to a podcast will get a more in-depth experience.

Deep, man.

A few side notes before we get started:

Thich Nhat Hanh is 94, according to Wikipedia.

Here is the quote I read in the podcast:

I took a picture of my mindfulness inspiration:

And here’s a picture of my soul homework area:

It includes a picture of my stack of library books on the shelf below to prove my illness.

My problem.

My solution?

Ah, yes.


I mention how hot and humid it has been throughout August in Illinois, making it near impossible to be outside for long stretches. We’ve got a break in the weather here in the last several days and it has greatly improved my mental health.

Do you ever feel stifled or toxic when you are unable to connect with nature?

I also discussed how I struggle with meditation yet need a technique to collect myself in certain situations. If you’re not a podcast listener but have a few minutes to spare, skip to approximately the 19-minute mark for a simpler solution.

Do you enjoy meditating or practicing mindfulness? Is there anything in particular that it has helped you with?

And at the end of the podcast, specifically the last three minutes, I talk about my library browsing problem. I go into the library to pickup my books on hold and walk out with a couple extra books.

A couple extra 15 books.

Literally, I have too many books, too little time.

I need help to prioritize reading, and I need suggestions.

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25 thoughts on “Podcast #16- Toxic On the Inside/ Meditation that Anyone Can Do/ My Library Book “Problem””

  1. I’m not a podcast listener so I appreciate you writing more about it today. Thank you! I would do the same thing at our library and come home with way too many books. So long as you remember to return them, I don’t see it as a problem. I do my three pages every morning according to “The Artist’s Way,” always take a walk and pray. It keeps me grounded and frees me from anxiety – for a while anyway.

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    1. I have to renew some books several times, but I always return them. I ended up returning a number of those books early because I realized I couldn’t give them the attention they deserved. That’s a nice way of saying I wasn’t interested in them. 🙂

      It makes me happy to hear that you are still writing your three pages every day. I just finished The Artist’s Way today, and I intend to keep up my morning pages routine. I also go on my artist’s date with my friend once a week with, and we hold each other accountable. Thank God for her, and for creative processes.

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      1. I’m excited to hear about the Artist’s Way and your three pages too. I’ve been at it for six years. I’m not good about the artist’s dates and 2020 really stopped it. You’re inspiring me to work on it!

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  2. I will listen!
    On what has worked for a mediation is I keep trying and I don’t have strict rules about how to sit or how to meditate. I have several sung mantras, breathing techniques and/or guided to times silent meditations that work for me . I mix them around or try new things

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    1. This is such good advice, Sarah! I think people who are new to meditation may believe they are failing if they do not attain the desired results. But meditation can take on so many different forms, and in this day and age, we need all the zen we can get. 🙂

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  3. Since I’m one of our non-podcast listeners…

    I love the timeless wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh. I’ve read a few of his books. Have you seen the boxed set with the 5 simple mindfulness books? How to Eat, How to Love, etc.

    I can’t meditate on my own. I have to have a guided meditation. I use the app, Insight Timer. Tons of free meditations and you can pick by subject and how much time you have. It’s helped me with anxiety and my hubby uses one of the soothing music meditations to fall asleep.

    I have the same “problem” with library books. A long time ago (about 17 years), I worked for a short time in a library. Dangerous for people like us. I’d come home with piles of books every time I worked there. I’m reading three books at once right now; two non-fiction (including Jay Shetty’s book which I’m really liking – thank you!) and one fiction.


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    1. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m already impressed by his wisdom! It’s incredibly straightforward to follow, which is not at all what I expected. I can already tell from his writing voice that he is someone that I would like being in the company of. In the four days I’ve read his book, I have used so many of his mindfulness methods.

      Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve never heard of Insight Timer, but I am going to definitely look into it!

      I would be one of those people as well!! I love how much I’m falling in love with books now that I’m in my middle age. It is such an unexpected joy. 🙂

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  4. I can absolutely feel a HUGE difference in my mindset when I feel stuck in the house and unable to get outside and in nature. We had two rainy days in a row this week and the minute we had a blue sky & sunny day I dragged my son out for a hike (which failed since the trails were flooded and trees had fallen) but even just walking around outside for that 30 minutes trying to get in a hike put a smile on my face.

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    Sorry for MIA. I have forgotten email address passwords As in plural email addresses. Even though I write them down? Obviously, I don’t know what I’m recording because NONE OF THEM WORKED. Then I get so pissed off I just remove multiple apps from my phone. Sigh. I just made 2 more email addresses because clearly I am insane (perimenopause!!!!!)

    Meditate ? Um. I should totally do that 😳

    (Don’t even reply to this. I won’t get it. I can’t access that email. Ug!)

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  6. Our libraries have only recently fully opened again, and I missed them so much! Your post reminds me that I need to make a date with myself to get back in there, just so I can browse the shelves. I always discover things I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

    I love the photo of your dogs. Right now I’m listening to the breathing of mine as she sits beside me. She isn’t really sleeping. Just being. I could learn a lot from her.

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    1. It makes you appreciate them even more now, doesn’t it? Because of lockdown last year, I’m spending more time at the library for that reason.

      I love that photo too. You’re right that you could learn from your dog. They’re so good at just being. 🙂


  7. You DO have a library book issue. I wonder if there’s a meeting for it? Maybe a BOOK CLUB MEETING? Wait, that’s not gonna help. What a good problem to have, right?

    I’m so sorry Ella is having to go through the braces thing again AND that there’s an asshole orthodontist in her Doctors group. Isn’t it weird how some people just don’t know how to be kind? How to talk to people? They are missing some sort of gene.

    LOVE the pic of the sleeping dogs; they’re so content. Also, as soon as you said “I had my incense burning….” I said OH YOU ARE A HIPPIE. 😝

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    1. I really need to join a book club. Maybe I should start one? My friend informed me that there are spaces for rent at one of our favorite plant shops. I see the beginnings of a horrible wonderful habit…

      Asshole orthodontist. However did you guess his name?? 😉

      Don’t you just love my hippie dogs? I like that my older dog is resting his head on the puppy. I’d say they’ve bonded.

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      1. I love that they bonded so well! Remember how Lillie disliked Callie when I first adopted her? She follows her around like she’s giving away cookies! It’s darling.

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