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Our Minimalist Home

Before I begin, I am giving all of you a homework assignment. If you have Netflix, please watch this: We fell in love with the principal character, Dick. Yes, we fell in love with Dick (insert immature snickering), and I think you will fall in love with Dick too. I was crying like a… Continue reading Our Minimalist Home

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Thirty-One Universal Things

July was full of Universal things, bizarre happenings, and stuff I honestly can't explain. If you had told me that my bird would go missing and one of the cast members of The Breakfast Club would email me, I would have yelled, YOU ARE SHITTING ME. In the middle of July, I purchased this book… Continue reading Thirty-One Universal Things

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The Perfect Home

Over the last four years, I have gradually evolved towards a minimalist lifestyle, and the coronavirus has definitely helped me attain this endeavor. It began in 2016, after I watched this documentary: What is a minimalistic lifestyle? In a nutshell, it's living with less shit in your possession. After watching that documentary, I couldn't… Continue reading The Perfect Home