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I’m In Therapy

I feel so Seinfeld, so Mad About You, so oh I don't know, Diane Keaton movie about living in New York City and having a mysterious and very interesting life, right now. Remember when going to therapy meant you were rich? Or lived in the big city? Or were a nut job? It doesn't anymore.… Continue reading I’m In Therapy

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Eighteen Years Ago

Seems like a lifetime ago and really, it was. My oldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. Eighteen years ago this week, I was getting ready to have my first child. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago (OKAY IT WAS PRETTY IN PINK) and in it, Duckie was rewinding a tape deck in… Continue reading Eighteen Years Ago

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When Did The Trees Get So Big?

As I drove through my neighborhood this morning, I noticed the trees that line the streets. When did these trees get so big? I thought to myself. A large portion of my time is spent looking ahead, whether it's looking¬†at the road while driving my car, at the soccer field where my youngest daughter plays,… Continue reading When Did The Trees Get So Big?

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After the holidays, I started listening to my Lionel Richie Pandora channel because something about winter and Lionel Richie connects with me. I have a point with this but if you know me, there is a tangent involved. Here is the tangent: Lionel Richie is underrated. Maybe it's a shit ton of 80's celebrities dying… Continue reading BREATHE

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The Day I Ran Away From Home

My husband's hours are tough. Those closest to me know this. I am left to do most of the "dirty" work around here, and it's exhausting. This year has been hard with my perimenopause symptoms, the headaches, the kids' schedules, etc. It has been challenging. The past few weeks especially. Homework, issues, and life stuff… Continue reading The Day I Ran Away From Home