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Last Week Called for Bow Wow Brownies Minus the Wow

The "wow" is code for marijuana. Ella’s horse instructor informed us that Snoop Dogg's recipe book, From Crook to Cook, has been sustaining her family this quarantine and she had my interest piqued at "Bow Wow Brownies"  instantly. If you weren’t in the know, Snoop Dogg is a rapper and he appreciates a good joint… Continue reading Last Week Called for Bow Wow Brownies Minus the Wow

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Good Thing I’m Not Afraid of Rabbits

So the Universal things just keep happening but then I have poop sandwich weeks too, just in case you think I am all happiness and rainbows all of the time because that would be so annoying, wouldn't it?     Someone having all sorts of happiness 24/7 while the world is falling apart? Even if I… Continue reading Good Thing I’m Not Afraid of Rabbits

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 19 (Welcome to the Menopausedome)

  When I was 14, they released this album:     Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Welcome to the Pleasuredome. It was groundbreaking considering that they were openly gay in 1984. I LOVE THE HELL OUT OF THAT. Very groundbreaking also considering that the word "period" wasn't even allowed on television until a solid year later… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 19 (Welcome to the Menopausedome)

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The Day I Found Out I Was in Menopause

A Grace Full Life

I promise this is the last in the menopause posts. This is a big week for me and I have been writing about this for a while. Let me bask in this, okay? 
Next week I have a fun post lined up. I know we have heavy shit going on in the world and you all seem to like the lighter stuff better. I get it. 🙂 

First published May 11, 2015

I’m nothing if not blunt; that is just who I am, unfortunately.
My whole life I have been known to have what is called, “a way with words”.
That is a nice way of saying “I have no tact at times when tact is very much needed”.
I would never have done well in olden times.
You know, when women were required to be quiet and discreet.
Don’t even get me started.
I can actually hear my grandma…

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September 23rd

I mentioned to my friend last week that I am officially in menopause on September 23rd and she was surprised because she thought I was already in it and I was like, oh no, no, no, noo, that is all the nonsense leading up to it. The appetizers before the meal. The preview before the… Continue reading September 23rd