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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Refinishing a Table

  I really need to write about half-assing your way through home improvement and/or life in general. I am really good at making my home look like I spent a lot of time tending to my decor etc.. when in fact, I am a bit of a fraud. I am not good at painting, restoring,… Continue reading The Lazy Person’s Guide to Refinishing a Table

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Family Cave Makeover

  When Ella was born, my mom came from central Illinois to spend two weeks helping me adjust to baby-hood again. At the time, it was a survival technique. It was January, really cold in these here parts. It was dreary, and dark at four in the afternoon in these here parts. Mike was working… Continue reading Family Cave Makeover

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How to Flu-Proof Your Home and Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

  It's flu season (we have experienced it first hand, unfortunately), and that means it's more important than ever to keep your home safe from those nasty germs. But cleaning isn't always something that is fun for everyone to do. I personally am a self-professed neat freak. When my home is clean, I feel at… Continue reading How to Flu-Proof Your Home and Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

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My Favorite Voodoo Oils

I have talked about my voodoo oils obsession a bit before but not too much because I don't want you to think I am crazy. Because there's still a stigma with essential oils and the people who come along with that. Some call them tree huggers, hippies or crunchy (as in granola). Others think it… Continue reading My Favorite Voodoo Oils

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The Bane of My Existence

  I think it is no secret to anyone here that I like to clean. Scratch that. I like my home to be clean. I used to like to clean. In fact, it would be a form of stress relief for me. Yes, people like me exist.  But as I age and my children age,… Continue reading The Bane of My Existence

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KonMari, Muther Effers

I am going to lose some of you with that title and I am prepared for it. But if you don't get my humor by now, there is something wrong. Your offense-o-meter should really be turned to mute by now. Or just turned off. Yes, that would be better. If you know me at all,… Continue reading KonMari, Muther Effers