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100 Even, Even More Things I Love

It's birthday month, so I thought now would be a good time to share another of these lists. I'll keep writing these posts until my hands can no longer type. I am eternally grateful to whoever came up with this idea. All you need to know is that it wasn't mine. As always, there are… Continue reading 100 Even, Even More Things I Love

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What I Kept | End of March 2023

I will never again publish my What I Kept posts so early in the month because there was so much more that happened in the last 11 days that I wanted to share with all of you. This is what I saved on my phone for the end of March 2023. First day of spring… Continue reading What I Kept | End of March 2023

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Eighteen Years Ago

Seems like a lifetime ago and really, it was. My oldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. Eighteen years ago this week, I was getting ready to have my first child. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago (OKAY IT WAS PRETTY IN PINK) and in it, Duckie was rewinding a tape deck in… Continue reading Eighteen Years Ago

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Our Promise to Buddy

  As I am writing this, I am being interrupted by one of my favorite people in this world. Our dog, Buddy. I know he isn't "people" but to our family, he is. For many years, we were good without a dog; we had a fish, Lucy, that required no care other than the weekly… Continue reading Our Promise to Buddy