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Anatomy of a College Care Package

College, sigh. Oh sure, I'm not in college anymore, but I am getting an education. Did you know they share a lot of things in college? Did you further know that there are things such as community water bottles that everyone drinks out of in the dorm? No matter how many hygiene lessons you've given… Continue reading Anatomy of a College Care Package

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She’s Done

        With high school. Oh sure, she still has four more years of school to go, but she's done as it pertains to schooling here in our little town.       It was a day filled with obvious emotions. Pride. Sadness.¬†Happiness.¬†Excitement.¬†Relief.     I could say things like "wasn't she just… Continue reading She’s Done

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Eighteen Years Ago

Seems like a lifetime ago and really, it was. My oldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. Eighteen years ago this week, I was getting ready to have my first child. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago (OKAY IT WAS PRETTY IN PINK) and in it, Duckie was rewinding a tape deck in… Continue reading Eighteen Years Ago

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Back to School Necessities for Parents

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program. Back to school is in full swing here as I am sure it is for you, so I am officially "back" to writing here again. Yes, I was writing posts for sponsored content only because the deadlines couldn't be helped.… Continue reading Back to School Necessities for Parents

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Our Promise to Buddy

  As I am writing this, I am being interrupted by one of my favorite people in this world. Our dog, Buddy. I know he isn't "people" but to our family, he is. For many years, we were good without a dog; we had a fish, Lucy, that required no care other than the weekly… Continue reading Our Promise to Buddy

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Deenie Lied, Scoliosis Isn’t Scary Anymore

This post originally appeared on Chicago Parent's website where I was a contributor. At the beginning of summer break, we got some news. Our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Our pediatrician had been monitoring her spine over the past two years during her yearly appointments. Well, when I say "monitoring", I mean while they… Continue reading Deenie Lied, Scoliosis Isn’t Scary Anymore