In my former blogging life, I used to be kind of cool. Now, I write about pooping and menopause. Here are some of the highlights from the good old days: 


  • For two years, I was a writer for Chicago Parent. You can click below to see all of my articles. Freelance Writer at Chicago Parent


Courtesy of Brandi Lee


  • I auditioned and got cast in the 2014 Chicago Cast of Listen to Your Mother show, one of THE coolest things I have had the pleasure of participating in. Head over to read all about it here: 2014 Cast Member Listen to Your Mother   You can see my reading HERE


  • I was a writer and social media maven for many years for a Chicago-area website called Little Lake County where you can read about everything from where to get drunk in the suburbs with your kids in tow to where you can pick a pumpkin without being around annoying people. Just kidding about the latter, I don’t know any place to do that. Now, they just re-use my old content and edit it to be current. Don’t know whether I should be honored or sue them.


I am really excited that my writing is being featured in other outlets as well.


  • In December 2014, one of my essays, That Beach, was picked up by Mamalode. You can read the piece here.


  • My piece, To My Daughter: I Was 14 Once, Too was syndicated on the website Scary Mommy in May 2015. You can read this piece here.


  • In September of 2015, I was featured on this website as one of the 50 Most Delicious Food Blogs in Chicago. On a side note: I am not really a food blogger but I was still pretty stoked. Then I saw that I was on the same list as Steve YOU SO NERDY YOU COOL Dolinsky (the food critic on Channel 7) and I was all AWW SNAP, I HAVE ARRIVED. But seriously, I am not a food blogger. 


  • For four years, I wrote on behalf of Netflix as a part of their Stream Team. I personally love this partnership because it combines my love of Netflix and blogging. Head here to read my Stream Team posts.


  • For several years, I have been a member of the Hometalk Team. I have also been honored to be featured for several of my projects. Head here to see my profile and maybe be inspired by a project.


  • If you or someone you know needs a ghostwriter, bio writer, or even just help to get your blog or personal website off the ground, I love doing freelance work. You can head here to read the services I offer or email me at gracefullkari AT yahoo DOT com and let’s brainstorm.


Currently working on my first book- stay tuned!