Head here to read the entire screenplay (under the name Don’t You Forget About Me) on Script Revolution. You will need to create an account but it’s free. 

I started blogging in 2010 when my anxiety was at maximum capacity. I was a stay at home mom of two children, my husband was gone 60 hours a week with his job, and I felt with each day, that ME was leaving ME. I needed a release. I used to write when I was a little girl; stories about fictional people that were inside of my head. But being a writer wasn’t on my radar, it wasn’t a “thing” so I ended up graduating high school, working at McDonald’s (don’t all suffering artists start that way?). then taking several different retail jobs before finding myself in my early twenties. When all of my friends were graduating from college and getting real jobs, I was going to night school taking general education classes and trying to figure out who the hell I was. It was in an English Composition class that I met a professor who would change my life. 

Your writing, she said, is engagingYou are a writer. Never forget that. 

Fast forward to 2014,  I was a middle-aged humor writer/blogger going through the change (that is menopause for you uninformed). It was during the beginning of this change in my life when I became obsessed with John Hughes. Oh sure, I’d always loved his movies as a teenager, but nothing more than the usual fan. It was during a visit to his grave while writing an article for Chicago Parent Magazine that same year that I became attached to him in the un-weirdest way possible. I started writing about him, researching his life, and rallying for a museum to honor his legacy in Chicago. But getting a museum created is HARD and I didn’t know what to do beyond what I know best: writing. So I chose to write about it.

I began writing a screenplay without ever having written one about kidnapping the Brat Pack and bringing them to Chicago to open a museum dedicated to a dead director.  I WAS A BLOGGER. FOR GOD”S SAKES! I DON’T HAVE ANY BUSINESS WRITING SCREENPLAYS! But I kept on writing, researching how to write a screenplay on Wikipedia (no I am not making this up), pulling my car over every time a new plotline would come into my head. Then I started getting really excited about my screenplay, falling in love with my characters, so I decided to bring my blog audience into the mix and began sharing scenes of my screenplay on my blog. In doing that, I created a tight-knit following and readers who want more each week, so I stopped sharing it. Leave them wanting more. Right? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?


So this is where I am now: I am a work from home freelance writer/social media strategist who has one daughter in college, and another who is becoming a tween (oh John Hughes, save me!), I am still doing everything I was doing in 2010 but now, I have a finished screenplay sitting on my laptop and I don’t know what to do with it.



Head here to read the rest of the screenplay (under the name Don’t You Forget About Me) on Script Revolution. You will need to create an account but it’s free.