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Citrus Bowl My Ass. More Like Citrus Hole

    I was reading my friend Teri's blog post about how colleges need to start showing the marching band during halftime college football games a few weeks ago and it got me reminiscing about my marching band days. Over Christmas break of 1987, our little Ohio high school marching band got to go to… Continue reading Citrus Bowl My Ass. More Like Citrus Hole

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I Wanna Go Back

  My oldest daughter, Annie, just started middle school (or junior high as we called it) and it led to so many emotions as well as memories of when I was that age. Then, as if she read my mind, a former classmate and friend posted a picture of our old junior high school building on Facebook. And it… Continue reading I Wanna Go Back

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One Lovely Weekend

Hello! I have missed you so much these past five days since I last posted! I had a great weekend away in Ohio! 1- Summer Mantel Part Deux-  I got to work with my sister-in-law Kristy this weekend on her mantel since she was having a party for my nephew Will's 2nd birthday party and you know how… Continue reading One Lovely Weekend

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Hello Dolly/Thank God I’m A Country Girl

  If you have been a reader of this blog for a while you know of my love of all things Dolly Parton. Her music, her Tennessee birthplace, her amazing personality Everything. I even stalk follow her on Twitter. When we were in the Smokies back in 2007 and I was searching for any and all… Continue reading Hello Dolly/Thank God I’m A Country Girl