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How Gilmore Girls Saved My Life

I can't believe this show turned 20 on October 5th but I am celebrating because it feels like we need to.  If you've never watched Gilmore Girls, 2020 is the year to break your GG cherry because you need Stars Hollow, Connecticut more than ever.    First published on March 28th, 2016 I have so… Continue reading How Gilmore Girls Saved My Life

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My Baby Story Wouldn’t Make It to TLC. Animal Planet, Maybe?

2020 note- The next two weeks of reblogs will be about connecting two stories. This post is about Anna's birth story which I wrote as a submission for a book that was being written back in 2015 titled, "It's Really 10 Months".  The piece that I originally submitted was horrible. I have since edited it… Continue reading My Baby Story Wouldn’t Make It to TLC. Animal Planet, Maybe?

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A Letter To My Mom

    I first published this post in 2011, but I added more to the bottom of the post this year.  Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mothers of human and non-human beings out there. If you've raised up other people (or animals), whether or not they've come from your loins is beside the… Continue reading A Letter To My Mom