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Why I’m Not Sending Everyone a Christmas Card This Year

I feel like that title smells a lot like clickbait. Don't know what clickbait is? It's when a title sucks you into clicking on a link but it really isn't about what the title led you to believe. Here's an example: TITLE- She Thought She Was Getting a Surprise Visit from Santa But Wait Until… Continue reading Why I’m Not Sending Everyone a Christmas Card This Year

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Snickerdoodle. Lick a Poodle

  That was just fun to say. As you can see, 2017 is not going to be about award-winning journalism here at A Grace Full Life. No see the bar is set low on purpose because you all need a freaking break from Facebook, CNN, Buzzfeed and Yahoo News informing you that MY GOD ARETHA… Continue reading Snickerdoodle. Lick a Poodle

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Life and Stuff

    I was working away from home the last week of school before Christmas break. Mike sent me this picture on the last day of high school after finals for the holidays. Buddy needs a phone apparently.     Making doggie biscuits. I made homemade bread for the first time for our Christmas dinner.… Continue reading Life and Stuff

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One Word Holiday- Ella

Let's finish Ellie's birthday month with a little reminder of how amazing and funny she is.  Back in 2015, I had several of my friends, blog friends, and family members fill out some answers to questions I came up with. It was a lot of fun to read everyone's responses and also, I didn't have… Continue reading One Word Holiday- Ella

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Christmas Is

Christmas means many things to many people. Here is what Christmas Is to our family. Christmas Is..... - hoping for snow but never usually getting it - singing Silent Night by candlelight at midnight in German - stocking stuffer shopping with my mom at Walgreen's Christmas Eve morning - making messes in the kitchen with… Continue reading Christmas Is