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Holy Shiplap

So there's this trend called "Farmhouse Chic" or just "Farmhouse" that is going around. Have you caught it yet? No? You're one of the lucky ones then. Probably got one of them shiplap vaccines. I have to admit, I love the farmhouse look but I would like to state that Joanna Gaines is not responsible… Continue reading Holy Shiplap

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I Hate Painting Furniture

I do. I really, REALLY do. I have read my share of DIY blogs to know that everything that I crank out is sub-par at best. In fact, one could argue that my once DIY blog no longer has anything to do with DIY. That is unless DIY stood for Dammit! Ick! Yikes! which is… Continue reading I Hate Painting Furniture

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Laundry Sucks So Let’s Make a Sign

  A few weeks ago I was perusing Pinterest and I found something so wonderful that I pinned it then emailed it to myself and texted it to myself for good measure. What? It's good. Just look.     After some clicking, it turns out a blog called A Girl and a Glue Gun made this.… Continue reading Laundry Sucks So Let’s Make a Sign

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The Desk That Wouldn’t Die

Seven years ago, we became owners of a desk.     My friend Rebecca gave it to us since her youngest daughter wasn't using it anymore. Look at how pristine it came to me? I don't have children like that. I wish I did but I don't. So in 2012, I decided that I was going… Continue reading The Desk That Wouldn’t Die

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Finding a Cheaper Way to Store Voodoo Essential Oils

      Do you know that some people on Etsy are charging 60 bucks plus for racks to hold your voodoo magic? Ahem, I mean essential oils. I do love Etsy but some shops are pissing me off with the prices they are charging. 125 smackaroos for a personalized family sign is NEVER EVER… Continue reading Finding a Cheaper Way to Store Voodoo Essential Oils

Trash to treasure cart
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My New Green Cart

  A few weeks ago, my husband Mike had spent half a Saturday helping our neighbors set up a wood play area in their backyard. In my day, they were called swing sets but now they are fancier and can do everything from babysitting your children to doing your taxes. They had acquired it for… Continue reading My New Green Cart

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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Changing Table Turned TV Cabinet

Last month, our little family leaped into the 21st century by getting a big HDTV. Our original screen wasn't that tiny but it was ten years old and starting to show its age. So when my husband's boss asked him if he wanted to buy his old HDTV for 50 dollars, he jumped at the… Continue reading Workin’ With What Ya Got- Changing Table Turned TV Cabinet