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Dollar Tree-Ish Floral Pumpkin

  Consider this part of a series of posts that have nothing to do with reality because reality is really overrated at this juncture. You can count on plenty of nonsensical topics, swear words by the gallon, and gifs. There is a lot of fuckery going on right now, welcome home. If I lost you… Continue reading Dollar Tree-Ish Floral Pumpkin

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Fall Home Tour 2018-The Same as Summer, Only More Orange

To be honest, I was a little sad about putting up the fall decorations this year.     Look how summery it is in hereeeeee. Sigh. But fall is upon us and I only had one day to put it up and out, so I decided to light a pumpkin candle and get it over… Continue reading Fall Home Tour 2018-The Same as Summer, Only More Orange

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The Easiest Party Centerpiece You’ll Ever Make

  The older I get, the more I realize that my creativity is in the sewer. When my girls were littler (and I was littler as well), I had grand visions, I came up with the coolest ideas PRE-PINTERST mind you! For Anna's first birthday, I centered it around a teddy bear theme, came up with… Continue reading The Easiest Party Centerpiece You’ll Ever Make

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My Top Five Favorite Items at Dollar Tree Right Now

  I have written about Dollar Tree more in my blogging career than I would like to admit. Not that I am ashamed of my 'Tree love, it's just that I am shocked I haven't been put on the payroll yet. It is because of Dollar Tree that I am not in the poorhouse right… Continue reading My Top Five Favorite Items at Dollar Tree Right Now

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Home Tour 2017-2018

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program.   When people come into my home for the first time, I usually hear "your home is adorable!" or "I love how you decorate!". To which I reply, "thank you! It's what I like to call garage sale chic." Because… Continue reading Home Tour 2017-2018

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Dollar Tree Nail Kit for Little Girls

  Four years ago I was birthday present shopping with Anna for a friend of hers and I said something to the effect of, "man, this is like the 7th present I have had to buy for someone you aren't even sure you will be friends with next month". I cannot be the only parent… Continue reading Dollar Tree Nail Kit for Little Girls

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Dollar Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments

  Years ago back when this blog was brand new, it seemed I was on a mission to create projects with items I found at Dollar Tree. This was my first Dollar Tree post back in August of 2010, two months after I began blogging. It went downhill after that. Or uphill depending on how… Continue reading Dollar Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments