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Stop Saying “End of Summer”

Everywhere I look, I am seeing the words "end of summer" and it is making me mad. Summer doesn't officially end until September 23rd but here we are talking about how summer is ending because the kids are going back to school. I hate this time of year. HATE. IT. Hated it when I was… Continue reading Stop Saying “End of Summer”

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Stress Balls That Kids Can Make

I felt like this might be a good post to reblog. Go make yourself a stress ball today.¬† First published on December 17, 2018 I know this is going to come as a massive shock to most of you but since September, I have been educating¬†our congregation's youth (or yutes) as a Sunday School teacher.… Continue reading Stress Balls That Kids Can Make

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Is This Bag Supposed to be Leaking? Homemade Ice Cream

I found a recipe for homemade ice cream! And it only has four ingredients! And you don't need an ice cream maker! Because YOU, my friend, are the ice cream maker. Oh, and by the way, there was a dead link associated with the above Pinterest find so I can't attach a link. This, however,… Continue reading Is This Bag Supposed to be Leaking? Homemade Ice Cream