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Family Cave Makeover

  When Ella was born, my mom came from central Illinois to spend two weeks helping me adjust to baby-hood again. At the time, it was a survival technique. It was January, really cold in these here parts. It was dreary, and dark at four in the afternoon in these here parts. Mike was working… Continue reading Family Cave Makeover

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Holy Shiplap

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program. So there's this trend called "Farmhouse Chic" or just "Farmhouse" that is going around. Have you caught it yet? No? You're one of the lucky ones then. Probably got one of them shiplap vaccines. I have to admit, I love… Continue reading Holy Shiplap

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Gray, Like My Soul

So I've been painting...... This will be the third post about painting within my home in the past three weeks. I am obviously ripe for the picking when it comes to blogging topics. Listen, I am very proud that I did something other than laundry and make dinner┬áso paint posts it is. I don't often… Continue reading Gray, Like My Soul

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I Cheated on Peanut Butter with Joanna Gaines

  We have lived in our home for over 11 years now, moving into it in July 2005. When we first moved in, our walls were builder-grade white walls, never painted.       The walls were chalky, rough and just white.     So the following spring after moving in, we decided to paint… Continue reading I Cheated on Peanut Butter with Joanna Gaines