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Freak the Crap Out

The piece that I read for Listen to Your Mother last year, I wrote specifically for my audition. It wasn't already written on my blog or published elsewhere. So when I found out I made it into the cast, I was told to wait until after the show to publish it as not to give… Continue reading Freak the Crap Out

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It Was a Good Day

I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn't make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are.  Before I begin, head over to Brandi's website. She took most of these amazing pictures. And she is so adorable AND has amazing style. You will be able to tell the ones I took on… Continue reading It Was a Good Day

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LTYM Does Not Stand For “Look Through Your Makeup”

  Or Listen To Your Math Teacher. Except there is no T at the end. I literally thought of other meanings for LTYM for a good hour. This shouldn't come as shocking to those who read this blog with any regularity. Y'all, I did something really scary a week ago. Like out of my comfort… Continue reading LTYM Does Not Stand For “Look Through Your Makeup”

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Listen To Your Heart and Blog Like a Maniac

Do you want to know a little more about how crazy weird I am? Check out my latest post in which I tell you how I can smell a cat from a mile away. So here I am posting. Twice. In one week. Don't be afraid, a robot didn't take over my blog! It's me silly!… Continue reading Listen To Your Heart and Blog Like a Maniac