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Avocado Toast for Losers

Losers meaning me and maybe you too if you didn't get on the avocado toast train until recently. Did you even know there was an avocado toast train? There is. Climb aboard CHOO CHOO." I love avocado but I haven't always loved it. In fact, I can't remember when my love affair with avocado began… Continue reading Avocado Toast for Losers

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Did You Know There Are 34 Menopause Symptoms?

First published November 20th, 2017 I've been going through perimenopause for the past ten years. Just kidding, it's only been two years. It only feels like ten. Because the symptoms of perimenopause are SUCKING MY SOUL RIGHT OUT OF MY BODY. According to the website 34 Menopause Symptoms Dot Com (yes, it's a real website), there… Continue reading Did You Know There Are 34 Menopause Symptoms?

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I’m a Badass, He’s a Badass, She’s a Badass, We’re a Badass, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Badass Too?

First published on May 22, 2017   Last spring, one of my friends told me about this book titled You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.   I saw it at Target for 12 bucks then whipped out my phone and bought it on Amazon for $7.75 because I like my money a lot more than an… Continue reading I’m a Badass, He’s a Badass, She’s a Badass, We’re a Badass, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Badass Too?

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Birthday Week: Make it a Thing

I felt this was an appropriate post to share at the end of my 50th birthday week; how it all started. 🙂  First published May 1, 2017 Birthdays are important. My parents have always made me feel this way, especially my mom by carefully planning my gifts, the dinner I wanted, my favorite cake flavor.… Continue reading Birthday Week: Make it a Thing

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    After the holidays, I started listening to my Lionel Richie Pandora channel because something about winter and Lionel Richie connects with me. I have a point with this but if you know me, there is a tangent involved. Here is the tangent: Lionel Richie is underrated. Maybe it's a shit ton of 80's… Continue reading BREATHE

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  A month ago, my husband messaged me a Jim Carrey video that made me cry. I have mentioned here before that my husband is a good golfer. He was on the varsity team his freshman year, lived and breathed golf from the age of 10, and truly just loved the sport. He should have played… Continue reading Investing