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There’s Just Somethin’ About Soup

Isn't there? Last week someone online made a comment about how it's "soup season" and I was all.....um, soup has a season? I eat soup year-round like I am being paid to do it, so I have no idea what kind of weed they were smoking, but can I have some? What were we talking… Continue reading There’s Just Somethin’ About Soup

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My All-Time Favorite Crock Pot Recipes

  I love a good crock pot recipe. When it isn't a good slow cooker recipe. Just kidding, they're both the same. I am blowing the minds of those of you who don't cook now. Amiright?? There is something magical about putting all of your ingredients into a metal container, turning on a button and… Continue reading My All-Time Favorite Crock Pot Recipes

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Five Recipes that Won’t Make You Fat

      I get tired of clickbait blog posts that tell you 20 AMAZING MOUTH WATERING LOW-FAT RECIPES THAT YOU WILL MAIL YOUR CHILDREN TO CANADA FOR AND SLAP YOUR MAMA ON THE WAY TO THE POST OFFICE. Then it's just a series of links to OTHER people's blogs. I don't have time for… Continue reading Five Recipes that Won’t Make You Fat

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Ode To Joy-Ish

*This has been sitting in my file for almost two years. I am Kon Mari'ing the shit out of my blog inbox. And in order to do so, I am clearing out the cobwebs and getting the old stuff out of my files. This is the first to go. Recently, my friend Laila shared on… Continue reading Ode To Joy-Ish

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My Favorite Four Ingredient Recipes

When I wrangled all of my Dollar Tree craft ideas into one handy post, it was a colossal hit with my readers. Who knew that it took so little on my part to make you so giddy? Need to remember that. Just kidding. I will always work hard on each post. Unless I don't. Hmm. … Continue reading My Favorite Four Ingredient Recipes

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Four-ish Ingredient Recipes- Better Than Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup

  So the following recipe has garnered me a little attention over the past 10 years. I got it from an old neighbor who got it from her mom. I first had the soup at her house one afternoon while our then-toddler daughters were playing in the next room and I ended up eating three bowls full. Three bowls,… Continue reading Four-ish Ingredient Recipes- Better Than Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup