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Where Are They Now? 80’s Movie Edition

To be clear, my rep over at G.H. Cretors had no clue how this post was gonna spin. But I knew exactly how I was going to turn an average giveaway into something more special. Much more special indeed. I was watching Dirty Dancing with Ella the other evening and it got me to thinking:… Continue reading Where Are They Now? 80’s Movie Edition

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Summer So Far 2015

I started these posts years ago and I don't have the heart to stop. So here it is. Our summer so far. 2015. And no they aren't in order. Kind of like our life. Annie went to cheer camp this summer only for a few days but my heart kind of sank a little. My… Continue reading Summer So Far 2015

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Summer So Far 2014

"Summer" in our home usually starts around the time the kids get out of school. Never when the calendar says "Summer" officially starts. Kind of like how "Fall" doesn't officially start until the end of September, but really feels like it starts the moment the girl's step on the bus. The fun of "Summer" gets… Continue reading Summer So Far 2014

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Vacation on a Budget – How I Got out of the Crap-Tastic “Dells” Without Taking Out a Loan

So I mentioned we went to the Wisconsin Dells for an overnight getaway with the kids over the weekend. The "Dells" is huge in our area as a little getaway place for families. It is a town filled with cool water parks, beautiful scenery, fun boat rides, and lots of kitschy stores filled with junk.… Continue reading Vacation on a Budget – How I Got out of the Crap-Tastic “Dells” Without Taking Out a Loan

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My Favorite Things- Mom

  The next post is from the inspiration behind most of my decorating ideas, my mom! Kari and I have known each other since before she was born.....I'm her Mom. We share the same decorating, cooking, love of Christmas, and general all-around anything nesting gene. We always have such fun talking about different ideas we… Continue reading My Favorite Things- Mom