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10 Reasons Why I Will Never Be Featured on Huffington Post

This was my first (and probably last) post to go viral. This post was originally written when I was on the Blogger platform and at the time, I had Disqus handling all of my comments. Then Disqus got all messed up at Blogger, so when they migrated over here, they ALL said Kari on them.… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why I Will Never Be Featured on Huffington Post

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How I Write. OR How NOT to Write

I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn't make the move. So imagine pictures where captions are.  I am participating in a cool blog tour today! Don't know what that is? Neither do I. But always one to expand my writing horizons, I gratefully agreed to be a part of this when… Continue reading How I Write. OR How NOT to Write

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Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop 2014

I am friends with all the people I met at this conference, to this day. I loved this experience so much.  As a writer, this is one conference I would recommend you attend either virtually or in-person (if that is ever a thing again). First published April 25, 2014 When my friend Shannon called me… Continue reading Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop 2014

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Mrs. Pierce

First published March 27, 2014 Last week, the world lost an amazing person. My English teacher in high school, Mrs. Pierce, died on March 19. I can still hear her raspy voice teaching me about how long a paragraph should be. I can see her floating around the room in her signature floral dress, checking… Continue reading Mrs. Pierce