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Workin’ With What Ya Got- A Chalkboard Wall? Plus Meet Lucy!

So I have officially stepped over the boundaries of sanity.

No, I didn’t spray paint the cat. That would be ridiculous.

Because we don’t have a cat.

No friends, I have outdone even that.

I painted one of my walls in my kitchen with…wait for it…… chalkboard paint.

See, I got inspired by my newest addiction, Pinterest. Whilst perusing the pages upon pages of cool stuff, I found this adorable wall:



So I was inspired to create something like this of my own.

Except I was keeping this a secret from everyone in my little family, especially my husband.

 I knew he would not be down with it if I told him the idea upfront.
He would need to see it in person to appreciate it.
He is so lucky to have me.
And I knew exactly which wall I was gonna do it on…




 I got out the handy dandy chalkboard paint…
Annie’s reaction?
Cooooool Mom!
Ellie’s reaction?
Who spilled chocolate on the wall?? I kid you not.
My husband’s reaction?
He physically jumped back and did a double-take and then he asked what I did.
Apparently, he was using the parenting technique of asking me what I did so I could tell him what I did wrong.
He likes it now that he is used to it.
He will like it even better when he can start the OSU-MICHIGAN trash-talking on the chalkboard walls.


Then it sat this way for two weeks.
Because I just couldn’t get the nerve up to write anything on it.
I finally said screw it and wrote on the damn wall.
 It is our wall, I can do anything I want to it. Why am I so afraid? I can always erase it, right?
These conversations go on and on all day long with me.
So here goes…
The beauty of this project?
The rules can change at any time.
Any. Time.
Muah ha ha ha ha
Personalized food favorites.
My oldest loved this idea.
Don’t look too close or you will see my eraser mistakes.
And I left some room on the bottom for random doodling.
Cost breakdown:
1- chalkboard paint– already had here, but a can of this will run about 7-9 dollars.
2- chalk– I used Ellie’s sidewalk chalk. Any old chalk will do.
Total for me– free!
Total for you– under 10 dollars for a transformation!
Totally off-topic, I want to introduce you to one of our family members that I mention in my introduction but have never really talked about on this blog.


Our five-year-old goldfish.
Yes, 5 years old.
And we only paid 99 cents for her at Petco in August 2006.
Long story short is this: Annie went to a fair when she was five and brought home two goldfish she “won”.

             They died literally days after, and we replaced them with Lucy and Jake.

Lucy pushed Jake out of their bowl.
 Lucy tried to get Jake out of her tank for a solid year when she finally got her wish in July 2007.
RIP Jake.
So we have had Lucy this whole time, and she has never once had any sort of purifier, filter, or special chemicals to make the tap water “safe”.
Just plain old Lake Michigan water and fish food from Walmart.
We love you, Lucy!

4 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- A Chalkboard Wall? Plus Meet Lucy!”

  1. @ Kristy- I am so sorry, I just saw this comment!!! I know I was a little brave but now that I am used to it, its so much fun!


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