Who I Am

Welcome to my blog…

Embarrassing family and friends since 2010.

For the first seven years of blogging, I paid homage to my high school English teacher Mrs. Pierce on this page but since she has passed on; it felt funny keeping the attribution here because it was a tongue-in-cheek joke about her being embarrassed by my writing.

I have since written about her and how much she had truly influenced my writing. You can read about her here.

If you like and/or suffer from any of the following…

….sarcastic humor, John Hughes, living with anxiety, living with migraines, caffeine addiction, Netflix, swear words, hormonal shit, music, the 80s, part of the ’70s, some ’90s, the Chicago area, did I already mention swear words, non-sensical YouTube videos, carbohydrates, living subversively, menopause, winter depression, music, being a mom, unhealthy attachments to pets, and so much more…

.. we will get along famously.

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My readers are loyal, loving, and support me like none other. I love the community I have created here and would love you to be a part of it too. As I head into a decade of blogging, it is the community that I love almost more than the act of writing itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Grace” #1 looking at the Chicago River in 2017

How did you come up with the name of your blog? 

My blog is a love letter to my two daughters, and the “Grace” in A Grace Full Life is both of their middle names.

Haven’t you been blogging for, like, ever? 

I have! I’ve been writing non-stop since June 2010. That, in the blog world, is for, like, ever.

“Grace” #2 looking at the John Hancock Building in 2015

What is UP with those tater tot posts, Kari? 

I explained the meaning in my first ever tater tot post.

Why are you so obsessed with John Hughes? 

Sit down and let me tell you a story.

John Hughes was a huge part of my teen years and as I age, I want to hold on to those memories. Writing about him, his movies, and his upcoming museum is my cheerful place. When I write about it, I am still young, skinny, have Sun-In highlights, blue mascara, and tight acid wash jeans.

Head here to read all John Hughes-related posts.

Oh, and I wrote a screenplay dedicated to him.

With both of my sweet “Grace’s” in 2013

How do you have 10,000 plus followers on Pinterest? 

Your guess is as good as mine.

Head here to become follower #10,001.

Do you ever think of giving up writing?


Me and my other half, Mike

How do I start a blog? 

I have written about it before in this blog post. If you want a blog just for writing, I can help you. If you want a blog for making money, I can’t, but there are many tutorials on Pinterest that can.

I bet you are really creative! 

I bet you’ve never read my blog.

Watching/sobbing through a video sent to me via my sweet friend, Ani, from Anthony Michael Hall (you can read about it below in the post, Thirty-One Universal Things)

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Black Typewriter

I just finished writing my first-ever book and I am working hard to get it published. I am so excited about this next chapter (no pun intended) and love that I am finally living my dream of writing my first book!

To see other places where I have written, head here.

I am so happy that you landed here on my blog. This space is a labor of ten years of love. I never realized how much I loved the art of writing until I started doing it. It has literally saved my life over the past ten years, and it has led me to so many beautiful people.

I hope that you will take your time reading over these posts and you will get to know me better. I hope my blog posts will feel like a book you can’t put down.