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Years ago, there was a paper version of me cavorting around the United States of America. Some of you might not know this because this was before you started reading. I feel like 2021 is the time to bring this information to the light of day. So I will share “her” adventures over the course of the next couple of re-blogs.

Oh, and I unpublished the other posts so you can’t read ahead. 




First published May 23, 2014

Every time I hear the term “Flat Kari”, I get flashbacks to high school.

Because I was flat in high school.
Then I had two babies, and I got myself some boobs.

Thanks, Anna and Ella! Finger guns!

Those who have children or who are educators will know about the Flat Stanley Project.
Basically, a paper version of a child is mailed to points unknown…

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Is It Too Soon For a Schitt’s Creek Reboot? And Other Schitt

Sorry about the use of the word sh*t lately. I felt like if I spelled it another way, it would be less offensive. February is being really FEBRUARY. All I really want to write about are posts tater tot in nature or just re-blog old content. I feel like I've lost my mojo. Has anyone… Continue reading Is It Too Soon For a Schitt’s Creek Reboot? And Other Schitt


Why Raygun Won’t Let Me “Pimp Them Out”

A Grace Full Life

I had to share this with all of you because it was the first time I tried to get a company to send me free shit. Also, I love this company and I think you will love it too if you’ve never discovered it. I thought it would be a fun find on the week I shared, Shit I Bought During a Pandemic. 

First published April 12, 2013

I did a “thing”.

I think I discovered a company.

Okay, maybe not “discovered”.

I found them through another blogger on Instagram.

Same thing.

I bought myself this:

Don’t be jealous of my threads.
Even if you don’t blog, Raygun has really cool stuff.

When my tee-shirt came in the mail THREE DAYS after ordering it, there was even a handwritten note on my receipt.

Get out!


That was their first mistake. Making handwritten contact with…

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Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

Besides toilet paper and essentials, I acquired some items. Yes, I am a minimalist at my core, but I needed distractions and enjoyment. I know I am not alone in obtaining stuff over the previous year that served no purpose than to produce a smile. Maybe even to anesthetize the horror a little. “We saved… Continue reading Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic


Candy Bar Wreath. Because Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Root Canal

A Grace Full Life

2021 calls for a candy bar wreath, doesn’t it? 

First published April 20, 2015

I love to come up with fun things for my children.
But I rarely think of them.
I can thank other people for the ideas, and I have no shame in admitting that.

In fact, I bet if you searched my blog, most of the cool crafts I have made have come from other places. The way I look at it is at least I am down for seeking to create fun projects in the first place.

Trust me, there are days when it takes all I have to tie my shoes, so if I can press the Pinterest button and type the words “candy bar wreath” in the little magnifying glass?
I am accomplishing something.
And so are you.
Because you are reading this and boy, is this your lucky damn day.

My oldest…

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On Elephants and Hitting Walls

I had found an article online about scientific ways a home can make you happier, and I immediately clicked on it because it seemed fascinating. Then I see that he only shares 25% of his blog posts to those who read his posts without subscribing to his content. The rest of his content is available… Continue reading On Elephants and Hitting Walls