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Keeping Calendars is My Hoarding Cats

I have a secret hoarding issue. I keep old calendars.     I have kept a day planner on my kitchen counter (and now one for blogging on my desk) for so many years, I don't even remember when I started. But I end up keeping the planners long after they have been used and… Continue reading Keeping Calendars is My Hoarding Cats

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Twelve (Birthday Month Edition)

I have written about my birthday month for several years now but for those who are new, I celebrate the entire month of my birth by writing fun posts of no substance. Okay, I do that all year round. But in the month of my birth, I do have more fun with the blog than… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Twelve (Birthday Month Edition)


100 Things I Love

I loved writing this post back in 2018 for many reasons but the biggest is that it’s really nice to have a list of things you love in one place. I have referred to this list (which remains in my phone notes) a lot over the past two years but never more than in the past three weeks. I have had Ella create one in her phone as part of a homeschool writing project because it’s just nice to have things that make you smile at your disposal. 

First published November 30, 2018

The day before Thanksgiving, I found via a Facebook shout out, a blog post by Jennifer P. Williams, whom I had never heard of before.

100 Things I Love.

Simple enough and full of amazing things to well, love.

It inspired me to create my own 100 things I love list in my phone, adding…

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Good News in the Midst of So Much Bad

Today is April 1st which means the first day of birthday month, bitches. No exclamation point because birthday month also means quarantine month which also means my actual birthday (the 28th) is going to be spent in quarantine. But I am actually not as sad as I thought I would be. I just want everyone… Continue reading Good News in the Midst of So Much Bad


Goodwill Find- My Rolling Kitchen Island. Take THAT Constipation Hardware.

I don’t know if I still have this table. We last used it in 2018 for Anna’s graduation party for beverages, like a rolling bar cart. But I haven’t been down in the storage area of the basement to organize for a while. Even with all this time we have, I just haven’t been motivated like some of you. Also, it’s not like my basement is massive and it could be hiding in corners AND I am down there every other day to run on the treadmill. 

I am pacing myself for a long haul and I think you all are way more optimistic than I am. So I will have to check to see if “Timmy” (story to come in the post) is still down there. Next week……

First published April 16, 2012

It is no secret that I love cool and trendy finds when it comes to decorating…

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