Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good

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I know most of you probably already have your ingredients for stuffing/dressing but I thought I would reblog this today because stuffing/dressing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. 

Also, since I am making Thanksgiving this year I asked my mom for the recipe for stuffing and she was telling me that she didn’t have a “recipe” per se because she is a true chef, old school style. Then I found this post and laughed because the recipe is here. AND THIS IS WHY IT’S GOOD TO HAVE A BLOG. 

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. 🙂 

First published November 19th, 2018

So many synonyms for good but could I think of one to put in the title?

Tip-top was one.

Tip-top just isn’t used enough.

How was your stuffing, dear?

Fine job! TIP-TOP!!

This post is twofold!

You will not only get ten of the best stuffing recipes you’ve ever laid your…

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Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up

A Grace Full Life

I can’t believe this was last November. This feels like FIVE years ago. The comments alone were fun to read to see what some of us were doing last year so don’t look at this reblog as depressing. Look at it as hopeful for what is in store for next year because next year will be better. 

First published November 18, 2019

I needed to add “I didn’t make that up” to the title because nobody puts gravy in a corner is pretty funny but it’s not something I came up with. It’s a play on a Dirty Dancing line and no, I won’t elaborate because if you’ve never watched Dirty Dancing, I don’t know that you can read my blog anymore.

I did however google “nobody puts gravy in a corner” to see if it was copyrighted but it’s not. It is in a Country Living magazine article…

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How To Make a Blog Header Without Really Trying

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You will be rewarded if you read to the end. That is all I will say. 

First published June 30th, 2014

Recently, I had been noticing other blogs’ headers.


A few days later, I happened to be on Etsy and I noticed that they actually sell blog header packages.
I guess I didn’t know there was a market for such things. The prices were like $30 for a “package” but I didn’t inquire as to what a “package” was. Tee hee. Sorry, bathroom humor.

By the way, for those less inclined, package is another word for penis

Then a few days later, I saw a blog post by my friend Jeanette who created a really cool header on her blog using only Pic Monkey, and I was like wait, WHAT. You can do that?!

*Side note- for those who aren’t bloggers, it will get more interesting…

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