Podcast #33- The Book I Wish You’d Write

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/The-book-I-wish-youd-write-e1d695e I was driving in my car the other day, listening to music, when the song Beautiful Life by the artist Soll came up on my playlist. I've shared this song here before. It's a lovely song with lovely lyrics, but one line in particular resonated with me... "can I get out of my own… Continue reading Podcast #33- The Book I Wish You’d Write

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Podcast #32- Problematic

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Problematic-e1cs4i8 Disclaimer- For whatever reason, I swear a couple of times in this episode. Perhaps I caught a sweary variant of Covid? I talk about what I would discuss with John Hughes if we met for coffee. I said I would tell him that his movies aren't aging well. Two of the movies in question:… Continue reading Podcast #32- Problematic

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Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last month, I mentioned that I wanted to go on more adult field trips. My friend Elizabeth wrote a few months ago about friends who came to visit the area where her husband and she now live in Arizona. The friends had basically planned some places to visit while they were in the area. The… Continue reading Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Podcast #31- No Resolution

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/No-Resolution-e1cion4 January doesn't seem like the ideal time of year to reinvent myself. I heard somewhere that making resolutions at this time of year makes no sense, and I agree. It's winter. We should burrow down, take care of ourselves, and be gentler on our bodies. As a result, no resolutions will be made until… Continue reading Podcast #31- No Resolution