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September 23rd

I mentioned to my friend last week that I am officially in menopause on September 23rd and she was surprised because she thought I was already in it and I was like, oh no, no, no, noo, that is all the nonsense leading up to it. The appetizers before the meal. The preview before the… Continue reading September 23rd

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Giving facebook the Big F-You

I began writing the word facebook with the little letter f, not the big letter f because I didn't want to give it the power it didn't deserve. Because it has taken away my power over the past 12 years. But most notably since March.     I needed to step away for my sanity,… Continue reading Giving facebook the Big F-You

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Things I am Doing to Keep Me Out Of Trouble

So that I don't melt into a puddle of meh. Anna is back to college, our country is just so icky, I really hate social media (particularly Facebook*) and we aren't homeschooling yet as we usually don't start until after Labor Day anyway and we are still trying to follow a schedule for some sense… Continue reading Things I am Doing to Keep Me Out Of Trouble

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Thirty-One Universal Things

July was full of Universal things, lots of crazy happenings, and just things I can't explain, quite honestly. If you had foretold me that my July would have involved my bird going missing and one of the members of The Breakfast Club emailing me, I would have said YOU ARE SHITTING ME. I bought this… Continue reading Thirty-One Universal Things

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 17 -Awakening

Thank you all for the loving and kind words about Joy. She still hasn't returned home and I am still so sad. I don't know how to feel about where she might be but deep down I hope she is safe and warm (but not too hot) and not hungry. I hope she is with… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 17 -Awakening