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Summer Scenes

A church near the field where Annie had her soccer tournament in June.

Playing basketball. With a soccer ball. In a dress.

Loving on Daddy

Flowers in a mason jar.

Who is that guy, Annie?
Patriotic brownies
My three kids.
Front row seats to fireworks without having to leave the cul de sac.

Strawberry picking

I took Annie strawberry picking for the first time.
She loved it.
 So did I.
Cleaning strawberries.
Ellie couldn’t wait.

She saw the big basket come in the house, grabbed one out and ate it.

These girls are serious strawberry eaters.

Getting ready for the freezer!

*thanks to my Mom for the strawberry freezing tips*
Just so you know, there were two of these sheets and a whole HUGE Tupperware container of berries yesterday.
I will need to dig into the freezer berries this weekend.
I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as we are!

2 thoughts on “Summer Scenes”

  1. Awwww … that put me in the summer mood on this dreary day in Ohio! Where did you go strawberry picking?


  2. Thanks, it has been gorgeous here all week…sunny and the 80's. Just enjoying it while it lasts….:)


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