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Thinking about meal planning and getting your “stuff” together for making dinner, I want to show you how I keep things running.

I have this great little magnetic board on the side of my fridge that my sister-in-law Kristy gave me years ago. I keep this on the side of the fridge that faces nothing but a cupboard and I fill it with my recipe cards of the dinners I will make within my two-week time period.

That way, all I have to do is go get it and not root through my recipe box or a cookbook.

I love cookbooks, but I don’t refer to them as much as the average person when looking for a specific recipe. Why? Because I don’t have the time and patience to stand there and leaf through a book when I have two hungry kids waiting. So I have a system where when I get a cookbook (I rent from the library), write the recipes down on my index cards and put them in my recipe box for the next time I am looking for dinners.

Then when I make my list every two weeks for the grocery store, I go into the recipe box and make my list according to what I will make for dinner from my ideas in my magical recipe box. Easy, right? Now I may not be making gourmet meals each week, but I have two kids and one picky hubby so for food, it needs to be good, simple, and cheap.