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Yes, But Will It Make The Bathroom Look Bigger?

Okay, I am taking on a project thanks to my “female soulmate” Sarah in Indianapolis. I have a tiny master bathroom, but I am grateful just to have a bathroom that I don’t have to share with my two incredible but messy little girls.

Mike and I have wanted to renovate our bathroom for years but have focused on other areas of the house first. Have you ever noticed that you take care of the rooms in the house that the public sees, but leave your own little sanctuaries to fall apart? Why do we do that? Mike and I lived with the previous owner’s paint choice in our bedroom for FIVE years before we repainted it in February. So I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging my husband and myself to makeover our bathroom. On a budget of under $100.00.

Actually, I would prefer under $50.00 but even I know it is a little crazy. Because I am not only hyper-organized but also a little challenged in the timing department as well. Why? Well, Mike and I are on what we call the “debt diet”. So let’s just say that this will be quite the challenge.

This is what we are planning on doing: painting the room in some shade of yellow, painting the cupboards a chocolate brown, taking down the mirror and putting up a new one (can you say Goodwill??), and possibly putting down new linoleum. Think we can do it? I am posting before pics now and will update as we go along. Really, I am a sane person.

UPDATE- Here is the after!

2 thoughts on “Yes, But Will It Make The Bathroom Look Bigger?”

  1. You can do it! Paint will make a huge difference and it's a reasonable way to make a huge change to a room! And I'll bet you can find the other pieces to make the room work. I wonder if there are linoleum "seconds", like carpet? In a small space, that should be a good way to go! I hear you about changing the public places first, too. We've been working on some of our more public areas these past few weeks, but last weekend, I had a fun idea and we put an inexpensive (really!) chandelier in our bathroom. It made a huge difference!


  2. Thanks for the motivation! I am actually going to look at a store near us called HOBO that is like an outlet for home improvement things. We are thinking about putting down the peel and stick linoleum…..not sure if that is a good idea or not but we are learning as we go!I looooove the chandelier idea! I would love to see pix of that and I would have never thought to do that!


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