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Five Amazing Years- Happy 5th Birthday Ellie

Today is our sweet Ellie’s fifth birthday!
Here are some facts about our beautiful (inside and out) daughter.

She's named after my dear sweet grandma

She is named after my grandmother

My grandmother was 102 when I first became pregnant with Ella. But unfortunately, she didn’t live to see her namesake. The last time I saw her alive, she caressed my belly and whispered, “I think it’s a girl.”
She was right. 🙂

She has the best sense of humor

She has the best sense of humor

She is a comedian at the young age of five.
The teachers love her and she cracks jokes with them all the time.
In our home, she loves to make everyone laugh.
She is silly, giggly, goofy, and fun.

 She wants a pet in the worst way and loves animals of all kinds

She loves animals of all kinds

She has a pretend dog and cat and even feeds them water and food.
I will come into the kitchen, and there will be two bowls on the floor.
One with water and one with cheese nips because cheese nips are “what doggies like best.”

She is one tough cookie

She is my little home body

She is a homebody

Ella would stay in the house indefinitely if she could.
I have to bribe her to go to the grocery store with me or even the mall.
She’s content to stay snuggling on the couch, playing intently with her toys, coloring, and reading her books.
And she isn’t just like this in the winter.
Pool, park, and home.
Those are the only places she wishes to be.

Family is so important to her

Family is so important to her

She adores her grandparents, cousins, aunts, and can’t stop talking about them.
When will I be able to see Mamie and Papa? When do we go visit them? Can I talk to Mamie on the phone?
This makes me so happy, because our blood family lives so far away.
Despite this, she has a strong bond with all of them, as well as our Illinois/extended family.

Her sister is her world

Her sister is her world

They argue, hit each other, and yell at each other, but the first thing Ellie asks me when I pick her up from school is, “Is Annie at home/in the car?”
Without a doubt.
And the first thing Annie asks as soon as she walks in the door after school is, “where is Ellie?”
They may be 7.5 years apart, but they are inseparable.

Happy Birthday, sweet Ella Grace! We love you so very much.

5 thoughts on “Five Amazing Years- Happy 5th Birthday Ellie”

  1. Happy birthday to ella!!! raising kids is a tough job! Often I have had difficulties and wondered.. what did I do wrong? The truth is nothing. there is no perfect parent , we do what we think is best at the time. For many years my sweet 21 year old suffered from eating disorders. ( I never blogged about it) it was a tough time for me as a mother wanting to help and fix her. I could only give her support , prayers and love . anyway… we all question how we are as parents but I believe that as long as we keep our kids safe, healthy , protected and loved that we are doing a good job. : )BTW.. Michelle is doing great. she has switched her college major from art to nutritionist . we are super proud of get accomplishments!! Have a great weekend.


  2. That was so beautiful – totally crying into my ears right now! Happy birthday to Ellie- and happy 5 years of survival 😉 I'm SO happy things are changing!! Beautiful, beautiful post.


  3. Probably good she was your second kid, otherwise… you might have only one kiddo. ;)I'm glad she's finally coming into herself (or out of herself?). Watch… you're going to be the best of friends in her teenage years. You know, when most girls start to have issues with their moms (well, at least I did).Happy Birthday, E!


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