Goodwill Find- My Rolling Kitchen Island. Take THAT Constipation Hardware.

I don’t know if I still have this table. We last used it in 2018 for Anna’s graduation party for beverages, like a rolling bar cart. But I haven’t been down in the storage area of the basement to organize for a while. Even with all this time we have, I just haven’t been motivated like some of you. Also, it’s not like my basement is massive and it could be hiding in corners AND I am down there every other day to run on the treadmill. 

I am pacing myself for a long haul and I think you all are way more optimistic than I am. So I will have to check to see if “Timmy” (story to come in the post) is still down there. Next week……

First published April 16, 2012

It is no secret that I love cool and trendy finds when it comes to decorating…

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Run Ferris, Run

Last year I struggled with my weight and by struggled I mean I was struggling to watch myself get fatter by eating whatever I wanted. This wasn't the first time I've struggled with my weight. As I've mentioned before, menopause had completely drained me of any emotional reasoning and left me almost hostage in my… Continue reading Run Ferris, Run


Why I Hate Bruce Jenner

Remember the days when the most shocking thing was that Bruce Jenner was now Caitlyn Jenner?
I. Miss. Those. Days. 
Also, running didn’t make me cry or fight with friends (which you will read about) but rather hormones and the possible beginning of my menopause.
After reading this, I realize I am such a different person than I was in 2012; a less angry version of myself. Which is so refreshing to see as I am in the thick of menopause and hormonal loss.
Seeing this growth is why I am so happy I am resharing old posts.
This also ties in with this upcoming Monday’s post. Stay tuned. 😉 

First published June 25, 2012

Growing up, I had three Olympic idols: Dorothy Hamill (I even got her famous haircut when I was in first grade), Nadia Comaneci (I had the album with “her” song on…

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Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

I am planning on publishing blog posts three days a week going forward until this quarantine of massive proportions is lifted. I have new and old content I will be sharing on Wednesdays in addition to the reblogs on Fridays. This is from November and has so many movies listed that I thought it would be a perfect post for today. 

First published November 25, 2019

I blame Buzzfeed for this post. I was innocently taking a quiz about how what movies I loved would tell me what Thanksgiving side dish best represents my personality (stuffing but this isn’t surprising) when I saw a list of movies (by year) from 2000-2009 that I loved.

Recently, our family was out to lunch with another family we are friends with when we talked about movies Anna really needs to watch. It all began back in October when Mike and I noticed a…

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It’s a Literal Shit Show Outside, So I Got Tips

Are you literally LITERALLY afraid to walk outside? I am not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination but this has conspiracy theory written all over it. I AM KIDDING. But I mean come on, it feels very surreal sci-fi/intel/ the world is ending/ REM was right, no?   Or at least… Continue reading It’s a Literal Shit Show Outside, So I Got Tips