Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me

First published January 27th, 2017

Do you get as annoyed at House Hunters as I do? What happened to just being thankful for having a roof over your head?  Why have we become so spoiled when it comes to searching for a home? First world problems abound when watch this guilty pleasure show but here’s the thing: most likely it is staged.


We are now learning, that House Hunters is probably fake.

This shouldn’t really surprise us but I hate that the Wizard behind the curtain is being exposed because this is one show that my husband and I love to hate.

So here are some of our thoughts on HGTV’s most annoying show, House Hunters.

Make it a drinking game and get completely shit faced tonight.

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A Photo of Mother and Daughter

1- “What mommy wants mommy gets”

Ew, you just called yourself mommy.

Assorted-color Apparels

2- “This closet isn’t even

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots-Episode 16

I used to call each month of tater tots posts "part 1, part 2, and so on" but I have decided going forward that I would like them to be called episodes. That way I can say, "on this episode of Screw it, I'm eating tater tots"...... I just love that I feel like my… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots-Episode 16


Repeat After Me: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

First published October 15th, 2018

When I was a first-time new mommy, I thought I had to breastfeed in order to be a good mom. I read all the books, took all the vitamins, did everything I was supposed to in pregnancy to help create this new little life that I could not wait to meet.

So after she was born, I decided that I was going to breastfeed her no matter how hard because I felt like it was the only way to feed her and that if I didn’t do it, I would be failing her as a parent.

No one said new moms are perfect. Or old moms for that matter. 

It was after a week of trying to nurse, having swollen and cracked nipples, and getting maybe 10 hours of sleep in one week, all while recovering from the first major surgery I’d ever had, that I…

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Stress Balls That Kids Can Make

I felt like this might be a good post to reblog. Go make yourself a stress ball today. 

First published on December 17, 2018

I know this is going to come as a massive shock to most of you but since September, I have been educating our congregation’s youth (or yutes) as a Sunday School teacher.

I know, it’s almost shocking to myself as well.

To make you feel better, it’s an every other week gig, and the other teacher is probably WAY more qualified and dignified than me.

But I do love spending that time with the kids, talking about their week, lifting them up, making a craft.

Oh, and talking about the bible.


So because I love God and Jesus but the Bible can get kind of boring (especially for kids….and me), I decided to let each of the kids direct one craft this year for the class.

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I’m a Groundhog Day Instagramless Hippie

*Note-this isn't entirely depressing. I feel like I need a trigger warning any more. This post gets funnier, I promise.  How are you doing? No, for real. HOW. ARE. YOU. DOING? I feel like a lot of us are struggling to keep our heads above water. I myself am struggling most days of the week.… Continue reading I’m a Groundhog Day Instagramless Hippie


My FAQ Post Means I Never Get Asked Anything Frequently

First published January 22, 2018

I recently read an article that a good blogger should always create an FAQ post on their blog, which is silly because how do they know what “good bloggers” need for their blog? I bet the author of the article isn’t even a blogger but someone with a deadline, who gets paid by the word, and a feisty editor breathing down their back.

Yet, it got me to thinking (fine job well-paid writer, FINE JOB), maybe I do need an FAQ on my blog.

FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions for those who don’t know.

You know, questions you get asked regularly about the blog, about blogging or even just about your life in general.

But here’s the thing: I never get asked anything about my blog frequently. 

Not to say that my readers aren’t inquisitive.

Oh, quite the opposite! They are engaging, lovely…

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