My Least Favorite Project Ever- A Curtain Call

These curtains THESE CURTAINS. I don’t have them anymore because they ended up fraying but I think these lasted a good two or three years before I pitched them. 
The blog post was way better than these curtains ever were. 

First published January 23, 2012

I blame Pinterest for this one.

I saw these awesome curtains there back in the summer or fall, not sure when, but loved them when I saw them.

Aren’t these absolutely gorgeous? I love the mix of reds and black/white.

And the best part about these curtains?

No sewing involved!

So I thought, I could do this. I could totally do this and not even break a sweat.

Chuckle, chuckle.

If you want the professional tutorial, go here.

This blogger, by the way, is a designer by trade so of course, her curtains look perfect and of course, she made it sound so easy. So…

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Dear Diary, Why Was I So Pathetic?

I linked to this post in my Monday post about writing a book and wanted to reblog this today because it is one of my most favorite blog posts. It’s also one of the posts that lost its comments when my Disqus account was hacked back when I was on Blogger. So if you are a long-time reader and wonder where some of your comments on old posts went to, that is why. 

First published February 1, 2016.

While I was KonMari’ing the crap out of my home a few weeks ago, I made a discovery.

My high school diary.
I didn’t have to ask if it brought me joy because of the gems inside, oh boy.
If you ever need to do a check to see if you have evolved?
Read any material that you have ever composed before the age of 17.
It really does loads for your…

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The World’s Most Boring Book (In Paperback by Fall 2020)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I found a couple of unpublished posts from my old Blogger account and wanted to share them here because they had never seen the light of day.  The interesting thing here is the date in the title, fall of 2020. I originally wrote this in 2016 and even… Continue reading The World’s Most Boring Book (In Paperback by Fall 2020)


Chocolate Chip Cookies Make Me Chubby; Weddings Make Me Cry

First published on November 13th, 2010

Happy Saturday, friends! Why am I so happy?
Because I was able to get online on a Saturday midday in peace! It is a cold and rainy November day here, Ellie is napping, and Mike took Annie to the library. So I am able to go online and coupon hunt, Facebook and blog. Wee! I have been very busy this week getting ready for my first craft show for our Two Thrifty Chicks business so I am glad to not have glue stuck to my fingers or paint all over my hands.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  Something random for a gloomy Saturday:

Holy moly are these good! They taste so much like pumpkin pie and I mean, who doesn’t love a Pop-Tart?

My husband, that’s who. It’s all good – more for me.

I have the most awesome husband in…

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나사 그 나’먹 먹는 먹-부품 나인 (Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Nine)

This month's post is in Korean (Hangul, which is the alphabet system for the Korean language) in honor of Ella's 12th birthday this month and her love of all things Korean... BTS..... Bulgogi......     ...and everything in between. Happy Birthday, baby girl! We love you more than you will ever know. 🙂  … Continue reading 나사 그 나’먹 먹는 먹-부품 나인 (Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Nine)


Why I Blog

Sharing old blog posts in 2020 might be one of my new favorite things. Enjoy this post from February of 2011.

*Today begins a weekly series I thought would be kind of fun. I am sharing an old post that I dig up from the archives here in honor of my 10-year blogging anniversary this June!
Each Friday, a new post that hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time will be republished and I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. I love the idea of awakening posts from a graveyard of words.
*Full disclosure- I have edited the shit out of my grammar, punctuation, and spelling (I did not, however, change the content). It appears that 2011 Kari was dumb as a box of rocks. To be fair to myself, I had only begun writing a blog six months before this post published. Apparently, that’s also when I started speaking English for the first time as well. 😉 

First published February 4, 2011 

As I have…

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It’s The End of the Decade? Sounds Like an R.E.M. Song to Me

I had no idea that January 1st marked a brand new decade until three weeks ago and only because I read it on a friend's blog and was like, well shit.  Although, according to my friend up there, "well, some will argue that the decade doesn’t officially end until December 31, 2020, because there was… Continue reading It’s The End of the Decade? Sounds Like an R.E.M. Song to Me