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I thought this tied in well with Monday’s post. 

In full disclosure, I edited the ending because originally I said we were getting a hummingbird tattoo. We still haven’t gotten it yet because life happened, then the pandemic happened. But my mom and I should do this together this year once it’s safe. A bird tattoo of some sort should be in the cards for us. 🙂 

First published March 5, 2018

“Often, our Angels and loved ones in Spirit choose hummingbirds to relay their messages. They may guide hummingbirds to hum to validate their spiritual presence and to send us signs and reminders to follow our joy, stand in the light, and stay present in the moment. Your loved ones in Heaven may choose a hummingbird to enter your space as validation and assurance that they are well and their soul lives on.”


I haven’t written about my…

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24 thoughts on “Hummingbird”

  1. This is a lovely and touching tribute to your grandmother, and the power of hummingbirds to connect us with spirit. Like you I only knew one of my grandparents, my mother’s father. [And I’d be hard-pressed to write anything this positive about him.] You were lucky to have known your grandmother. Thanks for sharing your story here.

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  2. Such a touching story. Your grandma sounds like she was one of a kind I was lucky to have all of my grandparents alive into high school when my grandpa passed away – the other three were at my wedding and my one grandma met all 6 of my kids. It’s remarkable that your grandma had a baby at her age back then it was so unheard of. How wonderful was that? I love the symbolism of the hummingbird. So very sweet.

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      1. Depends on where you get it. If you get it on a bone or thin tissue, it’ll hurt like hell, if you get it on any muscle it won’t hurt as bad. The needle feels like rapid stings, but I personally think the healing hurts more.

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      2. #4 for me eventually…Got 2 after my Mom passed (one I was told was strength in Chinese, but found out years later the parlor played a joke on me and it actually says little 🐷. 😕 The other is a blue 🐢. In 2018 I decided to get a tattoo of a bad ass samurai pig from the comic Yusagi Yojimbo to make up up for the “joke” on my arm.

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  3. Hummingbirds are wrapped up in all sorts of Native American mythology, aren’t they. I used to know a girl who had native ancestry, and her “real” name was connected to humming birds. Just discovered your blog btw – love it so far 🙂

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  4. Well, thanks for clearing out my tear ducts today.
    This was such a beautiful and touching story; I love your Grandma and I love that you have so many good memories of her. She sounds just perfect in every way.
    The whole hummingbird and birds (jenny wren, where are you?) connection are so lovely; I think we are all connected to nature in a deep way but don’t always see or hear it.

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