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The Day I Ran Away From Home

My husband's hours are tough. Those closest to me know this. I am left to do most of the "dirty" work around here, and it's exhausting. This year has been hard with my perimenopause symptoms, the headaches, the kids' schedules, etc. It has been challenging. The past few weeks especially. Homework, issues, and life stuff… Continue reading The Day I Ran Away From Home

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Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song

I was going to share a post about when I started admitting I suffer from migraines back in 2015 but I started this week with a depressing post and didn't want to end this week with that. Instead, I am sharing this post because when I re-read it this week; it made me so happy.… Continue reading Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song

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I Was 14 Once Too

Contrary to popular belief, I was 14 years old as well. Popular opinion = my 14-year-old daughter. I used to have a lot of attitude and angst. So I understand. And yet, I don't always understand. It's becoming increasingly difficult to connect with the emotions, pain, and pressure that I'm sure I felt from 1982… Continue reading I Was 14 Once Too

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Mom’s Shrimp Dip Reminds Me of the 70’s

I have vague memories of the 1970s. I say vague because I only remember bits and pieces of that decade because I was only ages 0-9 at the time. But, thanks to photographs, I recall my father wearing a lot of plaid pants and my mother wearing owl necklaces, bandanas in her long hair, and… Continue reading Mom’s Shrimp Dip Reminds Me of the 70’s

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Mrs. Pierce

First published March 27, 2014 Last week, the world lost an amazing person. My English teacher in high school, Mrs. Pierce, died on March 19. I can still hear her raspy voice teaching me about how long a paragraph should be. I can see her floating around the room in her signature floral dress, checking… Continue reading Mrs. Pierce