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These Will Be The Good Old Days

There's this catchy song by Macklemore and Kesha (I know, I am just as surprised as you) that has been humming in my head all summer; playing on the car radio in between destinations; on the Apple Music account when Ella is dancing or when Anna is getting ready for the day. I wish somebody… Continue reading These Will Be The Good Old Days

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Things I Didn’t Do Before My 30-Year High School Reunion

      On July 21st, I will be attending my 30-year high school reunion at my rural Ohio high school. It will be full of fun things like seeing old teachers, visiting old schools, seeing old classmates. Lots of old stuff to make me feel less old or conversely, even older. Let's just say… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Do Before My 30-Year High School Reunion

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Eighteen Years Ago

Seems like a lifetime ago and really, it was. My oldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. Eighteen years ago this week, I was getting ready to have my first child. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago (OKAY IT WAS PRETTY IN PINK) and in it, Duckie was rewinding a tape deck in… Continue reading Eighteen Years Ago

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When Did The Trees Get So Big?

This morning as I drove through my neighborhood, I observed the trees that line the streets. When did these trees grow to be so big? I said to no one. A large portion of my life is spent looking ahead; at the road while driving my car, at the soccer field where my youngest daughter… Continue reading When Did The Trees Get So Big?

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Gifts Your Teenager Won’t Say OMG, REALLY MOM? To

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program. Teenagers, duuude. They can be hard to buy for. Especially in the middle school years. I feel you, middle school parents. I.Feel.You. But my 16-year-old is really pretty easy to buy for because she loves Christmas. Like, LOVES Christmas. In September,… Continue reading Gifts Your Teenager Won’t Say OMG, REALLY MOM? To

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  A month ago, my husband messaged me a Jim Carrey video that made me cry. I have mentioned here before that my husband is a good golfer. He was on the┬ávarsity team his freshman year, lived and breathed golf from the age of 10, and truly just loved the sport. He should have played… Continue reading Investing