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Run Ferris, Run

Last year I struggled with my weight and by struggled I mean I was struggling to watch myself get fatter by eating whatever I wanted. This wasn't the first time I've struggled with my weight. As I've mentioned before, menopause had completely drained me of any emotional reasoning and left me almost hostage in my… Continue reading Run Ferris, Run

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What to Expect When You’re Living

If you have ever been pregnant or known someone who has, you may know about this book: I lived off of this book for my entire first pregnancy and most of my second. Everyone says they wished they had a manual for life and honestly, that book up there was it. Because sometimes you just… Continue reading What to Expect When You’re Living

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Things I Never Want to Do- My Anti-Bucket List

I can appreciate a bucket list; a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. Morbidity at its finest. I don't know when it started, but I have a feeling the pioneers didn't sit around the campfire and write shit like this. They were busy. Trying to eat, stay warm, and you know,… Continue reading Things I Never Want to Do- My Anti-Bucket List

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Searching for the Good

  The inspiration for this post started with this video:   Hey, guess what? There were some really good things that happened last year, believe it or not. But I bet you didn't see a lot these stories because bad outweighs good. I'm really tired of people sharing bad shit. I mean, I get it… Continue reading Searching for the Good

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Felt Board Quotes Will Save Us- I Am Sure of It

  Do you ever feel like you just need to laugh because if you don't, you'll end up crying? I have that emotion more often than I would like to publicly admit, most of that being because of menopause. Are you sick of me writing about menopause? Well, I'm tired of being in menopause, so… Continue reading Felt Board Quotes Will Save Us- I Am Sure of It

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Quirks? I Got ‘Em By The Boatload

  My friend Jeanette, the mastermind behind the vision board, has gotten me to thinkin' again which is never ever good. She wrote a post about 30 Refreshingly Unique Blog Writing Prompts and let me tell you, they are indeed refreshing. Every once in a while, bloggers/writers/journalists/"influencers" (hate that word) run into a dirty little… Continue reading Quirks? I Got ‘Em By The Boatload