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Podcast #17- Not Taken Seriously/ Writer’s Gathering

The link to the podcast is at the bottom of this post. In last week's podcast, I mentioned my library book problem, but the stack of books in the photo didn't truly reflect it. Here is a better picture: This week's podcast was very cathartic for me. Those who listen will learn why. I talk… Continue reading Podcast #17- Not Taken Seriously/ Writer’s Gathering

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Giving facebook the Big F-You

I started writing the word Facebook with the little letter f, rather than the capital letter f because I didn't want to give it the power it didn't deserve. Because it has robbed me of my power for the previous 12 years. However, this has been especially true since March. I needed to take a… Continue reading Giving facebook the Big F-You

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The Perfect Home

Over the last four years, I have gradually evolved towards a minimalist lifestyle, and the coronavirus has definitely helped me attain this endeavor. It began in 2016, after I watched this documentary: What is a minimalistic lifestyle? In a nutshell, it's living with less shit in your possession. After watching that documentary, I couldn't… Continue reading The Perfect Home