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How I Bogarted The Big Cozy Green Chair

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be but I don’t have the time or energy to find the pictures. 
When I find a cool new thing or something that I like, I immediately jump all over it.
I felt that way when I stumbled upon a little company called Raygun a few years ago.
You can read my love letter to them here.
I should really offer a disclaimer to companies that I want to work with, something like:
Dear Madam/Sir-
I am not at all a professional.
I like to write in short sentences.
I will somehow work in middle school humor somewhere in the body of the review and I am sure I will misspell something within the product post.
You are so welcome.BUT and big BUT….see middle school humor….. I will love the heck out of your product and by the end of my post, my reader will too.I like to create a loving environment here at A Grace Full Life.
One that oozes with charm, real-life feel, one where you can kick off your shoes, feel at home and no one judges you for that sock with the hole in it.
I see it, and it’s OK.
I have one too.
No judging here.I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and I saw this cool bean bag- like chair in someone’s house and a friend of a friend mentioned it was this thing called a “yogibo” like oh yeah it’s a yogibo like that’s what you have lying around in your home.
I had never heard of a “yogibo” so I immediately went on Google because I Google everything.
See here for evidence if you are new to my blog.
I spent an hour on the “yogibo” site looking at all the chairs.
Well not an hour, maybe like a half hour because short attention span but I could have spent an hour if I had a longer attention span because of all of the pretty soft cozy chairs!
In all of the pretty colors! 

photo courtesy of yogibo




photo courtesy of yogibo



Giant beanbags!


photo courtesy of yogibo

Giant beanbag animals!

They have cool neck wraps, hammocks, home décor, lots of neat stuff.
Head to the website to check everything out.

So I sent them an email after I saw the Facebook picture immediately because I read that the bean bags are great for sensory integration and that Occupational Therapists were raving about them.
I don’t like to talk much about it on this forum but those who read here regularly know that my youngest daughter has ADHD and we are weeding through what works for her.
I had a moment once I read this on the website like I was brought here to see this from Facebook because the person who had the “yogibo” bean bag on Facebook wasn’t a friend of mine.
I saw the post because a friend of mine commented on her friend’s picture.
So it was fate.

I was so excited, really thinking Ellie was going to love this new piece of furniture for our home!
Two weeks in and she does use it for homework here and there and loves it but if I am being real and honest, she mostly uses it to practice her “gymnastic moves” when she isn’t using it for this:


watching television on the yogibo chair


I am not ashamed to admit that it is mostly used for this when she is at school…..


writing on the yogibo chair

I do all of my writing in this cozy green chair.
It has been discovered that my headaches are in part due to my writing.
Well, my writing situation.
I need to sit differently when I do my writing.
So apparently the cozy green chair is my therapeutic chair as well.

It is so therapeutic that there are days that I have trouble, well……

my therapeutic Yogibo chair

….getting out of the said chair.

We love our Yogibo chair

Isn’t it a beaut??

It is so damn comfortable that you have to literally roll yourself out onto the floor to get out of the chair.
I had to actually put myself into a virtual time out of the chair.
I haven’t sat in the chair in four days because if I do, I won’t ever get out.
Don’t worry, I will get back in but I just needed a break.
But I have four articles/posts to write in the next week, so I have me a date with that green chair this upcoming weekend.
That and subzero end of February temperatures makes a good combo.

The best thing about this bean bag is that it is big.
Really, really big.
In fact, when propped up against the wall, it looks like there is a very large green human being standing up against the wall.
I almost pooped in my pants, sorry, shat in my pantaloons….need to make it more professional with it being a product review and all….on two occasions in the past two weeks when walking into my family room because I thought there was a big green man standing there waiting to attack me.
You can order it smaller though, they have lots of sizes to choose from so maybe order a smaller size.
The size they sent me was the max, you could always choose the midi if you wanted a smaller size as they are so damn comfortable and I know you want one.
You really want one.

The only problem we have with ours is that it stains really easily.
Or maybe that’s just our family.
We stain really easily.
But the cover comes off to wash BUT and BIG but here….hee hee never gets old….the cover was a huge pain to put back on.
So keep that in mind.
But it is so comfortable that I am willing to sit in my own swaller and stain to be in my big green comfy chair.

My youngest and I do sit in this together and talk, snuggle, laugh and watch television.
We read, get under the covers, play with the iPad, make funny videos and play educational apps in this chair.
I even convinced my teenager to snuggle into it with me one evening.
I think it’s the power of the color green or maybe it’s the stains, or maybe it’s because it’s winter, I don’t know.
All I know is it’s good and I don’t want it to stop.
Probably because we can’t get out of the chair.
Send help if you don’t hear from us in a week.

If you want a chair of your own AND I KNOW YOU DO, use the coupon code GRACEFULL when you shop at the online store for an additional 10% off of your purchase! Go to the online store here to take a look around and see all the fun items they have to offer.

I contacted yogibo and offered to write a review in exchange for product.
I was not compensated to write the review and the above is my own opinion.

16 thoughts on “How I Bogarted The Big Cozy Green Chair”

  1. Ahhhhhhh! We have the same yogibo! Did I say "we"? Because I meant to say my daughter…and I think I have been allowed to sit in it like 3 times. I could try it while she's at school, but fear I'd still be there when she got home! We have a yogibo store at our mall–danger, danger!!!


  2. My son received a Yogibo as an 8th grade graduation gift and four years later it's still in great shape! It's held up beautifully through countless teenage boy wrestling & study sessions as well as hundreds of sleep overs (the boys draw straws to see who gets to sleep in it)! He's already added it to the to be packed list for when he leaves for college in the fall! Best product ever!


  3. I have never heard of a Yogibo before, but now I want one. Wonderful product review, poop references and all 🙂 I have to ask though. What the heck do you have poking willy nilly out of your shutter in the living room? I know it's probably some high end artys fartsy thing, but I can't figure it out.


  4. Is yours the same one that the two girls are sitting on while using a computer? So it molds around your body that much and dents in like a chair?? So intrigued.


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