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Our Friendship is Justin Bieber-Years-Old

That’s 25 for those of you that don’t know how old Justin Bieber is.

I had to google it because I didn’t know/care how old he was but the point is that my friendship with Rebecca is that old.

Has endured that long.

The lifetime of a grown-ass human who has sold billions of records (again, don’t know/care).

Actually, I was almost 25 years old when Rebecca and I met.


I mentioned in the last post how April is my birthday month and in honor of such, I am doing all of my writing off of “prompts”.

Prompts, in the blogging world, are ideas for blog posts written by somebody else so that you don’t have to think.

Genius, really.

Maybe I will just blog about other peoples ideas for the remainder of this blog’s existence.

This week’s prompts are:

Three things my BFF and I have in common AND the most important qualities in a friend.ย ย 

I had started a post about our friendship back in November and then forgot about it until I realized what the prompt was and thought, why not mesh the two posts into one?!

Half-assery at its best and we know that I am really good at half-assery.


Last summer, a mutual friend told Rebecca and me how envious (in a good way) she was that we had each other; how amazing our friendship was, and it caught us off guard because we never really think about our friendship in those terms.

We do appreciate each other, but we don’t dwell on it. It reminds me of how a sisterhood might feel. It’s been there for so long that you take it for granted while appreciating it on a more subtle level, if that makes sense.

Here are my answers to the prompts.

Rebecca and I in Nappanee Indiana

Three things Rebecca and I have in common

1- We both love to eat.

This can be very dangerous, and could be a potential problem if we end up living together Golden Girls-style at the end of our lives.

2- We have the same sense of humor. Because she is more reserved than me, I think many people are unaware of how funny she is.

Courtesy of Your Tango

3- We both love to feather our nests. I’m learning that not everyone enjoys doing this. Others’ ideas of feathering their nests are vastly different, but Rebecca and I share a very similar aesthetic in our homes.

It's times like these that I'm glad to have the beautiful women in my life to pick me up when I'm shattered. To remind me that I'm better than what the world throws at me and deserve more than what other say or do.
Courtesy of Growing Bolder

Most Important Qualities in a Friend

This prompt bothers me because I don’t have a “list” of qualities that are important in friendships. I appreciate having friends from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and religions (or non-religions).

But, in my opinion, the most important quality in friendship is loyalty. Oh, and a passion for food. I don’t think we could be friends if you don’t like to eat.

Best friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you don't have to go through them alone. @kristibutterfly & @kateytschida
Courtesy of The Love Notebook

Side note: When I saw the above quote, I immediately thought of Rebecca because whenever I am going through something medical or mental, she will do research online and report back to me so I can feel better about it.

I feel like if you have a friendship that has lasted over 15 years, it is almost like you become sisters/brothers.

Kind of like common law marriage, but with friends.

Way longer than any Justin Bieber album on the charts or Justin Bieber marriage.

22 thoughts on “Our Friendship is Justin Bieber-Years-Old”

  1. It’s awesome to have a friend that is Bieber years old. You don’t have to learn what is “acceptable” to say around them or worry if they’re going to look at you sideways for something you said because they’ll probably say it first. I have a Drake years old and Kelly Clarkson years old friendships with my two longest friends. I need to get together more with Kelly since she’s local and I need to chat more with Drake since she’s not but we always pick up where we left off.

    Oh and who is giving you crap about not liking long posts!? I LOATHE the 140 character era and long post/emails/messages are my jam. So do your TLDR at the top for those people and let the rest of us who need a break from actual work scroll away. ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Saw a meme this weekend that said something along the lines of the key to a long marriage being hating the same people–which I laughed at because there is some truth in that, but I much prefer the idea that the key to a long relationship is having similar values about food and cracking each other up.

    And for whatever it’s worth, I’m on Team Longreads, too. Write on, my friend. You be you. (As if you could be anything but.) ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Happy Friendsversary (is that a word? Did I spell it correctly?) to you and Rebecca! I have quite a few of those Justin Bieber-length friendships in my life…and because I’m old, I have one that’s even longer: my First Best Friend, Cin and I met when our families moved to Schaumburg, when Schaumburg was just being built into a town. We were probably the first sub-division. So yeah, Cin and I have been friends for 54 years!!! How cool is that?

    Go forth and celebrate….FOOD, booze, laughter. Nothing is better.



  4. You need to make “Half-assery at its best and we know that I am really good at half-assery” a Tweet this quote. Seriously, Social Warfare has a Tweet this option, click that ish on and put it on there!

    Also, did you know that some of the folks who wrote for Golden Girls wrote for Gilmore Girls? I met one last year. My mom watched Golden Girls the way I watched Gilmore Girls, they both saved us for a time there.

    I love this post! And you are adorable, you need to have more pics of you on this blog. Your smile is contagious! And not in a chest-cold-that-makes-your-kids-mouth-breathe sort of way.


    1. I had no idea about the Gilmore Girls/Golden Girls connection!! My mom and grandma did as well, although my mom is on the Gilmore Girl bandwagon too.

      Ani, you make me feel so good about myself. Really. As someone who STRUGGLES with self-esteem, thank you for this.


  5. I love reading about you two. Sheโ€™s always involved in your escapades somehow. I loved the bathroom floor remodel. Everyone needs a Rebecca and Iโ€™m glad you have yours. Iโ€™d watch that show.

    Iโ€™ve thoughton friendship recently, reflecting about friendships that lasted and those that didnโ€™t. Your loyalty answer is a lot like what came to my mind (likely because itโ€™s written on the drink coasters scattered around my house) โ€œa friend loves at all times.โ€ When you have a relationship like that itโ€™ll last forever.


  6. Aw, what a wonderfully long friendship! I don’t think I’ve had any that have lasted that long… my oldest sister is for sure my best friend. Not that we really bothered to enjoy each other at all until we both moved out of the house.


    1. LOL, I feel like sisters really don’t appreciate each other until they aren’t together anymore! My two girls are so much closer now that my oldest goes to college LOL.


  7. “No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.”
    I think, no, I know our husbands will agree 100%.
    And omg, your readers are so sweet.


  8. Everyone should be so blessed to have at least 1 really good friend. To me those persons are “Jane” and “Linda,” so I have 2. A good friend is someone you may not see often, but you can pick right up where you left off. I’m glad you have friend Rebecca. Now Justin Bieber…well, let’s just say I can do without him! Ha.


  9. How did I miss this post? I am late to the party. Sorry! I thought I checked for new posts from you on my drive down to North Carolina for Irish dancing world championships, but I only saw the birthday one. Hmmm. Last week was a blur getting ready to leave town. Left 3 teens at home and driving home now wondering what state the house is in. I know Reg pulled out snow stuff. Ugh.

    Enjoyed this post. My oldest friend is from 2nd grade. So 41 years! We talk sometimes and we are like relatives but we do not connect regularly.

    My very best friend from HS who I used to talk to daily and could NEVER imagine not having in my life- stopped talking to me a year and a half ago. It isn’t like she is mad at me, but she ‘tired’ of me. No longer could tolerate the bad behavior of my immediate family (not the family I am raising). Like she found it irritating that I didn’t just tell my sibs and my folks to go jump and cut all ties. She never married. Has no kids. I suspect she didn’t like hearing about my kids and what we were up to. She would remind me sometimes that things I was struggling with were first world problems. As if I was pretending to live in an under developed country. I think me getting a new kitchen was hard for her. She is morbidly obese and I workout daily and have been blessed with good non-weight issue genes. Sigh. So I guess she didn’t want to be friends anymore. That has sucked. She lives in Baltimore so we wer phone friends. Still go to the phone to call her at times.

    Well did not intend to be such a Debbie downer. I have other good friends. I guess since I am basically old I have a few friends who would come close to the Bieber age thing. Had not thought about how long I have known some of them until just now.

    If you are scolded for posting long, are long comments taboo too?


    1. We got six-plus inches of snow. We were up in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday and they had none. The Midwest is drunk. Or high. Not sure which.

      Also, we need to talk. For real.


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