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Schraube Drauf, Ich Esse Tater Tots- Teil Funf (Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Five)

It’s September! Which means it’s time for another Tater Tot post!

I can feel the palpable excitement in the interweb.

In honor of September, my German heritage, and Oktoberfest season, this month’s post is in German!

I agree, Gunter!

Verdammte sandwiches

(Friggin’ sandwiches)

Twitter is good for when you have stuff to do, but would rather waste time and end up down the rabbit hole of things like political horribleness, surveys to take your mind of said horribleness, and polls. Lots and lots of polls.


How in the HELL is a grilled chicken sandwich higher on the list than a BLT or a Meatball sandwich?? Maybe if Y’all stopped eating so many grilled chicken sandwiches, Y’all would be happier? I feel like THAT is why our country is such a mess.

Grilled frigging chicken sandwiches.

Shaking my damn head.

Inspirational Quotes inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, emotional quotes

Die geschichten, die sie nicht erzahlen konnten

(The stories they could not tell)

Psst, I want to start a secret blog.

A password-protected blog that is unsearchable from Google where people can write about things that have happened to them.

Vent about mundane, idiotic things or huge, life-changing things, anonymously.

I adore this quote from Anne Lamott:

I have so many stories of people misbehaving, but I can’t write them here.

So this secret blog is a gift to myself as well.

I already have several people on board to add their stories to the mix anonymously, but the catch is that only those who submit will be allowed access to the blog to read it.

You need to have skin in the game, as they say.

Thanks to my dear friend Jessie for the inspiration of the secret blog, which will be titled The Stories They Could Not Tell.

You don’t need to know me to submit something, so if someone you know wants to get some thoughts out of their head and onto “paper” or, in this case, a computer screen, tell them about this little project.

If you want in, message me on social media, or email me at (two L’s).

Twitter Cube on Wood Table

Blode Twitter scheibe

(Stupid Twitter crap)

Again with the Twitter nonsense, you ask? I saw in a tweet over the summer that by simply using the predictive text function on your smartphone, your next screenplay will come alive!

Not sure what predictive text is? You aren’t alone. Here is an explanation. 

The tweet was actually to find out what your favorite movie was via predictive text, but since that movie obviously wouldn’t exist, it would then instead be a great screenplay.

Here is mine:

I feel this so deeply.

Nichtproduktive Dinge tun, wenn ich produktive Dinge tun sollte

(Doing non-productive things when I should be doing productive things)

Like comparing faces to marginal celebrities.

Okay, that last one made me kind of happy.

Also, I am sensing a theme with this month’s tater tot post: not at all being productive.

Photo of Woman Looking Upwards

Ich denke ich bin ein Empath

(I think I’m an Empath)

I think I am an Empath. Now, I am totally self-diagnosing here, but I read something earlier this summer about empaths and I think I am one.

By definition, an Empath is: you can actually feel another person’s happiness or sadness in your own body. … It may even be difficult to tell if you are feeling your own emotions or someone else’s.

I feel things so deeply.

Like when an acquaintance goes through a death, I feel like the death was in my family. Or if a friend is having a really hard time with a child, I feel what they are going through as if I am going through it.

Here is an assessment to see if you might be one too.

Image result for mik wright cards
Courtesy of Mik Wright

Erinnert sich jemand an Mik-Wright Karten?

(Does anyone remember Mik Wright cards?)

Do you remember Mik Wright cards? They were all over gift shops in the early 2000s, and they were hysterical. I can remember my mom and me reading the cards at this little central Illinois gift shop back in 2007, and laughing so embarrassingly loud that we had to excuse ourselves and go outside of the shop to collect ourselves.

They were to 2007 what Someecards are to now.

Happy birthday tosomeone old enough to remember what it was like to poop without a smartphone.
Courtesy of Someecards

Only better.

Image result for mik wright cards
Courtesy of Mik Wright

They are still in business, so go buy yourself a dirty phrase coaster so they never go out of business.

Courtesy of Mik Wright

Ich habe meinen neuen Tyler Henry gefunden

(I found me a new Tyler Henry)

Courtesy of Amazon

I read this book in a week (that’s good for me), and I cried over five times (also good for me). I believe with every bit of my being in signs from the Other Side and if you do too, read this. It is LIFE CHANGING.

Get it from your local library today.

This chick is THE REAL FRIGGIN’ DEAL. Replacing my love for Tyler Henry. Oh, Tyler, I am so sorry to betray you, but you probably already knew this was going to happen because psychic, duh.

I have been communicating with my “spirit guides” for the past several weeks (I swear, I am not crazy) and I have noticed things around me that are indeed signs, but I was completely overlooking them prior to reading this.

Now, I am not seeing things every single day, but I am approaching my life a little differently after learning the information in this book, and I’ve noticed my anxiety has improved since then as well.

I also love that this book encourages you to talk to loved ones who’ve passed on regularly, as if it’s a running commentary from beyond.

If you are struggling with loss and are open-minded, I recommend you read this book.

Happy September, my friends!

Auf Wiedersehen!

22 thoughts on “Schraube Drauf, Ich Esse Tater Tots- Teil Funf (Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Five)”

  1. Grilled chicken is at the top of the most popular American sandwiches? Who does these polls? I say BS. A grilled chicken sandwich is possibly the most boring sandwich ever. Where’s the Monte Cristo?!

    I am very highly intuitive and definitely an empath. I took the quiz you linked to and I was yes to every single one except stress eating. As I’ve gotten older, I have turned the opposite and eat less when I’m stressed. (The ONLY good thing about stress and anxiety, I guess.)

    Secret blog with members only access? Please count me in!

    I looked up that Signs book on Amazon and ooh, sounds very interesting. I have a list in my notebook about the signs I see/hear/smell. It is amazing what signs you find when you are open to them and highly receptive. I haven’t been good about keeping track of these though. The last one I wrote about was a few months ago…was driving to yoga class and thinking about Phil. Right then I passed a beach with a huge wooden sign that said “Phil’s Beach”. How cool is that? But darn it, the two libraries near me don’t have this book. I have one more to check. If they don’t have it, I’ll put this book on my Amazon wish list.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Grilled chicken and turkey sandwiches are tied at 75%. Let that sink in.
    Also been reading the Signs book. It’s taking me a little longer to finish the book because I have to pause and think after every chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve known I was an empath for a few years and it turns feeling like you have a character flaw into understanding you’re just more attuned to energy. The hubby and I can’t sleep in the same room the night before a trip. Even if he’s lying there motionless like any other night, if he’s anxious, I get no sleep and I’m like “yeah, you need to leave” and he’s awake to hear me! LOL

    I’ll have to check out that book. I know without a doubt we get signs from the other side and feel really sad for people who don’t invest in being open to that. SO much they miss out on. My grandma has several songs with her name in it (not a common name at ALL and are old). The day of her funeral ALL of them played that day and she will send me other signs too. The most recent though was last weekend on the way to my best friend’s bridal shower, we stopped by the cemetery to see her and chat because we were too early. When she was opening presents, Grandma’s song came on the radio on a station that doesn’t play that genre.

    I really kinda want to write for that website but I feel like people would instantly be able to spot my subtle snark and writing style and be like “yeah, I’m judging you.” ROFL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss to this entire comment.

      I feel really sad for people who don’t invest in that as well. I’ve met very religious people in my life who are completely unable to connect spiritually and that used to shock me. Not anymore. This book is life changing.

      I feel like that about my writing BUT I also feel that if you put yourself out there and only those who do so as well are the only ones reading it, it feels good. Like we are all sitting in one huge circle and saying, I GET YOU COMPLETELY. ❤️


  4. Whoever was running that sandwich poll was clearly on the Chicken Farmers of America’s payroll. There is absolutely NO way a chicken sandwich is better than a BLT. And? I do have to disagree with you about a middle of year turkey sandwich – you just need the right bread, turkey and cheese.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think you and Bonnie Hunt have a similar look, more so than some of those folks you compared yourself to – she is older than you – so don’t take that to heart, but the blond hair, the dimples, the glasses. Hair length – different, but as a bonus you both have a great sense of humor.

    My nieces are trying to figure out the name of my blog. If they do, it is all over. I will be excommunicated from the family that glosses over me ALL THE DAMN TIME since I air our family dirty laundry on the regular. Hee hee. Still I have a story or two that might find its way to that secret blog. Coach is so paranoid that my crazy neighbor Mary Ann will discover the blog and all the TRUTHS I write about her. I am all, who cares. If the truth hurts. . . . I LOVE the Anne Lamott quote. TRUER WORDS NEVER SPOKEN/WRITTEN!

    I am always interested in a good book, but one that makes me cry, seriously?

    One more reason I am not on Twitter – I need to more time-sucks in my life.

    Oh, how I love a good funny card. I feel like they are hard to come by. Love the travel one – the last pic. Hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love so much about this post. I’ve got stories. Must get onboard with this.

    I’m also an empath. And shit, that makes life so damn hard sometimes. I’m pretty sure both of my kids are as well.

    Also, Carrie Fisher was my favorite celebrity ever. ❤

    Growing up, I was under the impression that I was more Irish than anything. I've always been once to embrace my Irish heritage. And then I took a damn DNA test and it turns out that I'm mostly German.


      1. It was interesting to check out. I was also able to upload my raw DNA to some medical sites and find out some stuff that I’m genetically predisposed too and stuff. Fun!


  7. I need to email you about the secret blog. I have a friend who backstabbed me in such a major way and it doesn’t sit with me at all. I love the idea of getting feelings out anonymously.

    I also believe in signs too!

    Liked by 1 person

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