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Visser, Je Mange Tater Tots- Partie Six

This month's Tater Tot post is in French in honor of the 35th anniversary of the first Fall I took French in high school. I still have no idea how in the hell I got through three years of a foreign language and can only say "hello" and "pencil" in French. *edited to add- thanks… Continue reading Visser, Je Mange Tater Tots- Partie Six

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Felt Board Quotes- Fall Edition

I have shared with you a couple of felt board quotes posts over the past few years for many reasons, the least of which is solely for filler. Now that I no longer write to get pageviews and therefore no longer get paid to write on this blog, I don't have an "agenda". So these… Continue reading Felt Board Quotes- Fall Edition

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Schraube Drauf, Ich Esse Tater Tots- Teil Funf

It's September! Which means it's time for another Tater Tot post! I can feel the palpable excitement in the interwebs. In honor of September, my German heritage and Oktoberfest season, this month's post is in German!   I agree, Gunter!   Verdammte sandwiches (Friggin' sandwiches) Twitter is good for when you have stuff to do… Continue reading Schraube Drauf, Ich Esse Tater Tots- Teil Funf

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What to Expect When You’re Living

If you have ever been pregnant or known someone who has, you may know about this book: I lived off of this book for my entire first pregnancy and most of my second. Everyone says they wished they had a manual for life and honestly, that book up there was it. Because sometimes you just… Continue reading What to Expect When You’re Living

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Why You Need a Felt Board Stat

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program. Last fall, I dedicated an entire blog post to felt board quotes I had found on Pinterest and you beautiful human beings loved it. But I never really talked about why you need to get a felt board. For those… Continue reading Why You Need a Felt Board Stat

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Searching for the Good

  The inspiration for this post started with this video:   Hey, guess what? There were some really good things that happened last year, believe it or not. But I bet you didn't see a lot these stories because bad outweighs good. I'm really tired of people sharing bad shit. I mean, I get it… Continue reading Searching for the Good