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Podcast #13- Happy Anniversary?

We celebrated our 15 year anniversary last Thursday, as I mentioned last week. But “celebrated” isn’t quite the right word. To hear everything that happened, you’ll have to listen.

The infamous cooler (it will make more sense after listening)

I mentioned in last week’s podcast that I completely understand those who don’t listen to the podcast because, before I started making mine, I also was not interested in listening to podcasts.

I explained that my podcast is yet another way for me to document my life for my daughters and future generations. A kind of time capsule. Having all of you along for the ride is the icing on the cake.

So there are no hard feelings if you aren’t listening to the podcasts, and for those who are, thank you for listening as always. 🙂–Happy-Anniversary-e11vr19

12 thoughts on “Podcast #13- Happy Anniversary?”

  1. I appreciate your understanding about your podcast. I feel awkward not listening, but I want you to do it because you want to do it. I guess what I’m saying is that I support you, through thick and thin, through written words and spoken ones. Carry on, Kari ❣️

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    1. Please don’t ever feel awkward. I never want this space to feel like that. Your presence here means a great deal to me. Thank you for your weekly comments on my posts. They, as well as your support, mean ever so much. 🙂

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  2. Our youngest son had a few years where he was sick often and out of the blue.. ever since I have kept a small Rubbermaid tote in the back of our car. I store some of our hiking stuff in it (like bug spray, etc.) but it is for that very reason that I keep something nearby in case we ever need it. I too have major anxiety about any sort of illness really but vomit is by far the worst.

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    1. Yes! Since she was a toddler, our youngest has suffered from car sickness. She doesn’t get it as much anymore, but it still happens now and then, so I understand. We still have a small bowl in our car to this day! I always joke that she was given car sickness to help me overcome my vomit anxiety. Nope, it’s still there. 😦


  3. I love that you record a journal as a podcast. It reminds me of the reel-to-reel tapes we recorded when we were young. When they turn up now and again while clearing grandparents houses, it’s fascinating to hear long gone voices, and to try to piece together who was who.

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  4. I would like to ditto what Ally wrote – call me a copycat, but I feel similarly. I will listen if I get a chance, but podcasts aren’t really my thing. Good for you for exploring new avenues. You are more adventurous than me. And happy anniversary.

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  5. You two are so hilarious. Happy anniversary—-VOMIT. Much more interesting than crystal.
    BTW: I know exactly who Vicki G is.
    I’m so sorry that Mike is catching your migraines; who knew?
    Lolo and I watched the Friends reunion too; it was so nostalgic for me. And yes Matthew is going through something, and it makes me sad.

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    1. MUCH more interesting than crystal.

      I LOVE THAT YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS. Pea in a pod.

      It makes me so sad for Matthew. I know he had an addiction problem when the show was airing but I think there is something more going on.

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