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Podcast #26- Books, Glorious, Books

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-26--Books--Glorious--Books-e19nb0i In July, I acknowledged having 35 books on my TBR (to be read) list. Then I wrote What Books Are On Your To Be Read List? and you lovely humans contributed 41 new ideas to that list. Some of you also suggested I create a Goodreads account. I explained that my TBR list, my… Continue reading Podcast #26- Books, Glorious, Books

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Podcast #25- Vision Board Project

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-25--The-Vision-Board-Project-e19d3ms This week's podcast is a long one, but my ad was accepted this time. I think my podcasts need to be longer than 20 minutes in order to accommodate the ads. So here's to longer episodes going forward. 😉 I also had to break my podcast into segments for the first time, which was… Continue reading Podcast #25- Vision Board Project

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Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-24--Engagement-Vs--Numbers-I-Appreciate-You-e192t5j My podcast is available on Apple podcasts, my husband just informed me the other day. I know many of you aren't on Spotify, which was why you couldn't listen. I mentioned that I recorded my first ad, but it didn't play at the start of the podcast. I'm not sure what happened because Spotify… Continue reading Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers

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Podcast #22- Creating a Time Capsule and More

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-22--Creating-a-Time-CapsuleTouch-Pad-PhobiaWhere-Have-All-the-Cardinals-Gone-e18nrdd If you're not a listener, there's a lot to cover, so let's get started. In case any of you are interested in starting your own podcast, I mention the book NPR's Podcast Start Up Guide: Create, Launch, and Grow a Podcast on Any Budget. In my podcasts, I say the word "um" frequently. I'm… Continue reading Podcast #22- Creating a Time Capsule and More

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Podcast #21- Invalidating Your Truth

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-21--Invalidating-Your-TruthFemale-Trauma-e18d862 I shared this passage from Caroline Garnet McGraw's book You Don't Owe Anyone: Free Yourself From the Weight of Expectations: "How does it feel to think about your life through the lens of this broader definition of trauma? Are you starting to see the moments where you made excuses and brushed aside real pain?… Continue reading Podcast #21- Invalidating Your Truth

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Podcast #19- Thinking Outside the Box/Dancing My Troubles Away/We All Have Trauma

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-19--Thinking-Outside-the-Box-Dancing-My-Troubles-Away-We-all-Have-Trauma-e17pqsg For those who won't be listening, I mentioned that my mom underwent extensive surgery on Tuesday. Her neck had to be reconstructed after four discs were removed. She did wonderfully and is now on the long road to recovery. She will also have back surgery in November, and after that is done, she will… Continue reading Podcast #19- Thinking Outside the Box/Dancing My Troubles Away/We All Have Trauma