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I’m In Therapy

    I feel so Seinfeld, so Mad About You, so oh I don't know, Diane Keaton movie about living in New York City and having a mysterious and very interesting life, right now. Remember when going to therapy meant you were rich? Or lived in the big city? Or were a nutjob? It doesn't… Continue reading I’m In Therapy

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I Forgot When I Married My Husband- Modern Map Art Review

  I get companies that reach out to me from time to time, asking would I like something they offer in return for me writing about it on my blog. Eighty-five percent of the time, it's companies that have nothing to do with what I write about, or offering products I would never use. Since… Continue reading I Forgot When I Married My Husband- Modern Map Art Review

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    After the holidays, I started listening to my Lionel Richie Pandora channel because something about winter and Lionel Richie connects with me. I have a point with this but if you know me, there is a tangent involved. Here is the tangent: Lionel Richie is underrated. Maybe it's a shit ton of 80's… Continue reading BREATHE