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Get Your Own Version of a Daybed

I had planned to keep this for a tater tot post, but I couldn't wait any longer. In the last tater tot post, I had mentioned that our old patio furniture had collapsed practically on top of me. Then, in the rant section of that tater tot post, I talked about how expensive patio furniture… Continue reading Get Your Own Version of a Daybed

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Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last month, I mentioned that I wanted to go on more adult field trips. Elizabeth wrote a few months ago about friends who came to visit her husband and her in Arizona. The friends had essentially planned some places to visit while they were in the area. The view from our hotel. It made me… Continue reading Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Podcast #13- Happy Anniversary?

We celebrated our 15 year anniversary last Thursday, as I mentioned last week. But "celebrated" isn't quite the right word. To hear everything that happened, you'll have to listen. The infamous cooler (it will make more sense after listening) I mentioned in last week's podcast that I completely understand those who don't listen to the… Continue reading Podcast #13- Happy Anniversary?

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Podcast #12- Puppies, Podcasts & Plants

A couple of things... My microphone cuts out a few times at first, but it improves. Here are a couple of pictures of the plant shop I mention: And here is a sneak peek at our new family member. In addition, yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary! Mike and I plan to do more podcasts… Continue reading Podcast #12- Puppies, Podcasts & Plants

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Podcast #9- It’s Birthday Week!

Mike and I celebrated my birthday a little early by having a podcast party Friday night. So enjoy this podcast in place of a post where we talk about: -a recent addition to my blog/podcasting family -my sweet grandma and a Google search that made me cry -there's a mannequin living in my home -a… Continue reading Podcast #9- It’s Birthday Week!