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“Exercise 9: Free writing a memory. Choose a moment you don’t remember well and free write about it in the present tense. Any memory fragment will do. Here are a few memory sparkers if you don’t have one in mind: your earliest memory, an embarrassing moment, an experience that took your breath away, your first kiss.”

-from the book Your Life as Story by Tristine Rainer

I really like how her toes curl around the bench she’s sitting on. They look a lot like what I think my toes will look like when I get older. She is exactly what I hope I look like when I grow up. I wonder what the name of her cat is? I wonder if she knows who I am? I wonder if she lives in my neighborhood?

Do you think she’s nice? I think she smells good and gives really good hugs. When I’m a grownup, I want to live in a house like that. With windows that go all the way to the ceiling and a chair that attaches to it. I like to look at this picture on the front of Daddy’s record album because it makes me feel happy and safe, just like her music and my house.

18 thoughts on “Tapestry”

  1. My parents buy a stereo, which is surprising and exciting. We are not a music family. Sometimes I listen to the radio on a tinny-sounding transistor, but a stereo! Once they buy a stereo, they need to buy records, and my favorite is Tapestry. I don’t know what a tapestry is or why the pretty woman’s is unraveling, but I love her voice and always put her face at the front of the nifty album holder they bought, too.

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    1. I really like how you wrote this in the present tense.

      Carole King was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which we saw on TV the other night. I told Mike that her album was the very first soundtrack to my current life. I recall every song on that album, and listening to them brought back a flood of memories. Then next morning, when I read Tristine’s prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

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  2. This is essentially all I write about – outside of blogging, since I’m writing a memoir. My earliest memory is when I flashed neighbor boys who were standing on our front porch outside our long living room window talking to my older sisters. I’d just gotten out of the bath. I was wearing a bathrobe. Guessing I wanted attention, and I was annoyed that they were talking to my sisters. I got in BIG trouble. So many life lessons all wrapped up into one there.

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      1. Ha, kindred spirits.

        So much of the memoir is written. I read chapters maybe once a month when my turn pops up at my writing group. When it’s my turn to read, I edit the heck out of my chapters – so it spurs me on. Without having full time to work on it though, makes for a long process.

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  3. I love this so much.
    I too wanted a window seat. And a cat. A cat in a window seat. How perfect is that?

    My mom worked as a waitress and the restaurant had a jukebox. When the records were switched out, Mom brought home the old ones. I always had the best 45’s to listen to and I was one of the only kids who knew the B side as well as the A-side. I think in my mind, that made me kind of cool.

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