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Screenplays and Books and Wet Dreams

I was excited at the notion that a person who was connected to the late John Hughes reading my screenplay that is about John Hughes. But here is the thing about my screenplay: it sucks. It does. You are not required to be nice in the comments. Over the past five years, I have fallen… Continue reading Screenplays and Books and Wet Dreams

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Remember When I Used to Write About John Hughes?

Wanna hear something sad? Well sad for me, maybe not for you. I haven't written a post about John Hughes since last September. I know. Oh sure, I wrote about breaking and entering The Breakfast Club High School in April, I threw in the screenplay posts here and there, then I defended him against an article Molly Ringwald… Continue reading Remember When I Used to Write About John Hughes?

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Screenplays Don’t Write Themselves

  I made a tough decision earlier this week. Well tough for me, probably not so tough for most of you. I'm no longer sharing my screenplay to the blog. First, I want to clarify that I did not stop sharing because of an essay that Molly Ringwald wrote for The New Yorker. I've toyed with… Continue reading Screenplays Don’t Write Themselves

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My Screenplay. Now on WordPress.

Remember when I told you about reading an article about trying to get your screenplay noticed? Well, one of the tips was to share my screenplay on my blog. At first, I was all HELL TO THE NOPETY NO. But I can't get my screenplay out of my mind. Like, it kind of consumes every… Continue reading My Screenplay. Now on WordPress.

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Ferris Bueller You’re My Hero

  I'm just going to start titling all of my blog posts with quotes from John Hughes movies. Because nothing says "I have given up" like plagiarism. Is that how you spell it? I GIVE UP. I sent my screenplay to Amazon Studios over a week ago. Apparently, Amazon doesn't only have Scott Toilet Paper… Continue reading Ferris Bueller You’re My Hero

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Writing Challenge #How the Hell Should I Know: Something You Are Excited About

It's my birthday week, so that means a few things. 1- I get to eat cake. For a specific reason. 2- I can't wait for all of the Facebook notifications. Really, this does excite me. It's the one thing I love about Facebook. 3- I get presents. I love presents. Who doesn't? 4- I get… Continue reading Writing Challenge #How the Hell Should I Know: Something You Are Excited About